10 Minute Party Dress Arms Workout

Strength Training, weight loss, Workout plan / Wednesday, November 9th, 2016

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I can’t believe that it is already November and the holiday season is upon us!! Even though it is getting colder out I know a lot of us are excited for our holiday party dresses and want some awesome arms to go along with those dresses! Just because it is not bikini season doesn’t mean we don’t have assets to show off am I right?! I also am in love with these 10 minute strength workouts that I have been doing. This 10 minute party dress arms workout is sure to get you ready to show of those winter arms!

10 minute party dress arms workout

I love these 10 minute workouts so much because they really get rid of any excuse you can think of not to workout! I mean come on…we all have 10 minutes to spare in a day to get a little work done! These go great right before you jump in the shower in the morning just get up 10 minutes earlier or I personally like to do it after my run/cardio for the day. Strength training is so important to get in along with your cardio to form those shapely bodies we all love!


Workout Format

This workout is to be done interval style so set your timers for 40 seconds on 20 seconds of rest with 10 rounds. Do each exercise in sequence and then repeat! If you want to and have time to make it a little longer yo can always add a 3rd round to make it a 15 minute workout! Make sure to pick a weight you can use with good form for the whole 40 seconds but that will still challenge you! 


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