4 running workouts to do every week

Running, Workout plan / Wednesday, October 12th, 2016

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4 running workouts to do every week

I get a lot of questions about the types of runs you should include in your training each week. Keep in mind that these 4 runs you need to do every week are only for those experienced runners. If you are a beginner you need to start with a beginners training plan and run your first 5k! Stay tuned for a 5k training plan that I’m working on for beginners! This post though is all about those 4 running workouts to do every week for experienced runners!



These 4 runs are for those that want to get faster and improve their race pace! 


1. Tempo Run

Tempo runs can be defined in different ways but typically you are sustaining a faster than usual pace without sprinting. It is usually around you 10-k pace. If you aren’t sure of your pace for different distances there are several calculators online such as at Women’s Running and Runner’s world!

Tempo runs are used to improve your efficiency during a run so you can run further with less effort. 

To do a tempo run warm up for a mile of walking or easy running and then gradually speed up to your 10-k pace for 1 mile. Recover with3-4 minutes of easy running and repeat this 2 more times. Be sure to cool down after the intervals!



2. Long Run

Each week you need to be working on your endurance. If you continually run 3-4 miles each run you aren’t improving your body’s ability to sustain an aerobic state. These long runs will help train your heart to pump blood more efficiently helping with your shorter runs.

If you are new to long runs, start with a run that is about 1/3 your total weekly mileage. If you typically run 15 miles each week start with a 5 mile long run. Remember these should be comfortable paces. You should be able to chitchat with your running partner without getting out of breath.  Every 3 weeks add a mile or 2 to keep progressing. 


3. Speedwork

Speedwork is alternating between very hard running and recovery. It is at its basic level interval training. It is important to do speedwork to improve the rate at which you turn your legs over during a run. 

Warm up first with 10 minute of walking and easy running. Alternate between you 5-k pace for 400 meters then recovering with 400 meters of easy running. Repeat this 3-4 times as a beginner. The speed intervals at the 5-k pace should have you running close to your max effort.


4. Hill Work

Hills, oh how I love hill work….not at all. I’m from Kansas you guys…we don’t have many hills around here so hill work and I don’t like each other much. BUT it is still extremely important to build your leg and lung strength up to help you get faster. 

The first challenge is finding a hill that takes you 30-60 seconds to climb (while running).  Warm up for 10 minutes with easy running and then run up above mentioned hill 3 times and gradually increase to 6 repeats. Cool down with 10 minutes of easy running and walking. 


4 runs week


Here are a couple of great workouts to add in on your speed days

treadmill hiit

pyramid workout

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