Burpee Squat Battle

I absolutely love having some go-to workouts to do when I’m either short on time or traveling that require no equipment. This is one of those workouts that I keep in my back pocket for those times! This burpee squat battle workout definitely does not disappoint in any of those requirements for a back-pocket exercise! […]

Heating Up

Saturday Well I have officially had to give up my Saturday afternoon runs… 🙁 They have been a staple for me this spring but as the temperatures start to rise here in Kansas they just aren’t a good idea any more. My Saturday routine for the last couple of months has been to go into […]

Infused Water Recipes

I have become absolutely obsessed with infused water lately!!! It makes my water 1000 times better. My favorites lately have been: cucumber cucumber lemon lemon berry (lemon and mixed berries) mango pineapple strawberry mango No fancy equipment needed either for your infused water. I just take my plain old camelbak water bottle, drop some frozen […]