Clean eating for Beginners Part 1

clean eating, meal plan, weight loss / Monday, November 7th, 2016

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Clean Eating for Beginners – Part 1

For the past several years the term clean eating has been going around in the health and fitness world. In truth it really isn’t a new concept but it is something that the food industry has pulled us away from. With all of the convenience foods out there and pre-packaged products they have convinced us that it is cheaper and easier to use their processed products. In truth though if we look back to 50 years or more ago we will notice that most of these didn’t exist and everyone ate “clean” then. 

clean eating for beginners part 1

Let’s go back to the eating the food we were made to eat. We don’t need food to be made in a factory to be healthy, satisfying, and easy to make. 

8 Principles of clean eating

  1. If it has a mother or grows in the ground, then eat it

  2. Eat 5-6 small meals per day but at least 3 clean meals per day

  3. Tons of variety and combinations of flavors

  4. If you cannot pronounce an ingredient, don’t put it in your body. Your body doesn’t recognize it earthier

5. Eat to fuel your body. Food is fuel plain and simple.  Switch your thinking to this and you will start to look at what you put in your body differently

  1. This is a lifestyle change and not a short term diet. This is something you can and should do for the rest of your life

  2. Do not deprive yourself. You should still enjoy your favorite desserts and treat foods just in moderation and not in regularity.

  3. Take baby steps. Don’t throw out everything you have in your pantry and start fresh. As you run out of stuff switch to using clean items instead.
    Okay now that you have an idea for what the basics behind clean eating are stay tuned for part 2 of clean eating for beginners! Remember, baby steps!! 

Clean Eating for Beginners Part 1. How to eat clean and make the lifestyle change you've been waiting for!

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