My Healthy Week December 19-25

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Sorry for the delay, this post was supposed to go up on Monday however I was having issues on the back end of my site and was not able to publish any content!! I apologize for the delay. 

Weekly Workout and nutrition plan


I don’t know what it is like where you all are but holy cow was this weekend cold. Here in Kansas cold has a different meaning. While it might not be -30 here the -5 that we had on Sunday was torture. Us in Kansas get to experience the arctic vortex and dry bitter coldness. It may have snowed but there was no moisture in the air. It makes getting motivated to get out of the warm confines of my bed hard each morning to get my workout in. BUT, with my healthy week planned and ready to go I have little checklists that I can mark off each day and get my motivation going. 

We had our first of 4 Christmas celebrations this weekend. We went to Hutchinson to celebrate “Thanksmas” with my Grandparents and it was the full thanksgiving feast. This time of year I try not to focus on losing weight or anything like that. My goal is to enjoy in moderation and maintain without gaining any weight. I think the holidays are more enjoyable that way. ‘Cause lets face it, they only come around once a year. 

Plan it out

So I know the phrase is overused but I truly believe that failing to plan is planing to fail. Let’s face it, if you go in blind and just wing it you are going to screw up in some way. If you plan out and set little mini goals each day, you are going to definitely stay on track. 

As you can see I’m not sticking strictly to my carb cycling plan due to the holiday weekend. I’m going to enjoy and get back on track next week! 

How to stay fit over the holidays?! Stay on track with planning your workouts and nutrition each week! #nutrition. Healthy Week Plan #weightloss #getfit #workoutmotivation #cleaneating #carbcycling

Meal Prep

This week my main meal prep item was chicken fajitas. I love these because they are a one dish meal for me and easy to throw together in different ways from salads to wraps. They can  be used for lunch on both high carb and low carb days for me! I will be doing an entire post with the recipe I use for these coming up so stay tuned!


Workout Ideas

10 Minute Party Dress Arms Workout

10 Minute Total Body Strength

Quick Lower Body Strength

Treadmill Pyramid

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