My Weekly Workout | 8.21.17

Running, Strength Training, Weekly Workout Routine, Workout plan / Monday, August 21st, 2017

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I want to apologize for going radio silent on these weekly workouts for the past couple of weeks! Time got away from me completely! Hope you all are going strong with your training and kept up with me through other workouts that I have posted! Here are some new ones and progression on the half marathon training! Keep pushing!

My Weekly Workout Routine

*** all strength routines are 3 sets of each exercise/superset***


Also, keep in mind that the pictures are from last week and what I did on my runs!!

Monday | Tempo run & Chest/shoulders/triceps

1.5 @ 10:40 Pace

4 @ 9:00 pace

1.5 @ 10:40 pace


Chest, tricep, and shoulder upper body workout strength training routine. Weekly workout program for improved strength and half marathon training.


Tuesday | Run & Back/biceps

5 miles @ 10:15 pace

Back and bicep upper body strength workout. Part of my weekly workout series! Follow along for half marathon training and strength workouts!

Wednesday | Legs/abs & cycle

30 minutes bike random program



  • Superset
    • Right side plank (30sec)
    • Left side plank (30sec)
  • Plank (30sec)


Thursday | run & Chest/Triceps/Shoulders

5 miles @ 10:20 avg

  • DB Side Lateral Raises (15)
  • DB arnold press (12)
  • Superset
    • DB Single Arm Front Raise (12)
    • RB Side to front raises (12)
  • RB Chest Press (15)
  • Superset
    • DB chest press (10)
    • DB Chest Fly (10)
  • Push Up to Side Plank (5/side)
  • DB Single Arm Overhead Tricep Extension (10/side)

Friday | Easy Run & Back/Biceps

4 miles @10:40 avg pace


  • RB Single Arm Bicep Curls (15/side)
  • DB Alternating Bicep Curls (15)
  • DB Concentration Curls (12/side)
  • superset
    • RB Reverse Grip Rows (15)
    • DB reverse flys (10)
  • DB deadlift (15)
  • RB seated rows (15)
  • RB reverse grip pull downs (15)


Saturday | long run race simulation & Legs/abs

4 miles @ 10:40 pace

4 miles @ 9:15 pace

2 miles @ 10:40 pace

  • DB Donkey kicks (15/side)
  • DB Squats
  • Superset
    • DB Side lunges (10/side)
    • DB Curtsy lunges (10/side)
  • DB Sumo Squats (15)


Superset ab workout for my weekly workout routine this week. Half marathon training requires more than just running !

Sunday | rest/mobility work

Mobility Work

**Even though I only specify mobility work on Sunday, I make sure to foam roll every day to try to keep injuries at bay!



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