Quick Lower Body Strength

Strength Training, weight loss / Wednesday, September 7th, 2016

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Holy Moly can you believe that it is already September and after Labor day!? I hope everyone had a great labor day weekend without too much overindulgence!! We had a pretty laid back weekend in my house and got some much needed rest time and housework done! 


Since it is a short week at work for me due to the holiday weekend on Monday and I’m going to be out on Friday for a huge certification course this weekend on manual therapy my week has been super busy so far. Therefore, I needed some super quick workouts this week (quicker than normal). I haven’t been cutting time off of my runs because I’m really working on getting a good base started to carry me through the winter to get ready for spring races. Since I wasn’t willing to cut my runs short to save time I decided to do some quick strength workouts that were timed instead of reps that way I knew exactly how much time they would take to complete!



Here is the quick lower body strength workout that I did this morning after my run! 


For this workout I like to use either my dumbbells or my T-grip barbell which you can get here. I absolutely love this for my home gym it is a multi-use bar. This is probably the once piece of equipment that I can’t live without! I plan on doing a review and more pictures of workouts with this baby in the future!


Some great workouts to round out your week:

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