Spring Half Marathon Training Week 2

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Woot! Week 1 is down and my Spring Half Marathon Training Week 2 starts today! Last week didn’t go quite as well as I had planned but hey that is life. I have been out of the groove and slacking over the holidays on my workouts so I just need to get back into the habit of things. Which reminds me, coming up I am going to do a post on how to stay motivated to workout in the winter!

New Gym Equipment

We had a fairly low key weekend with me working at the hospital and John at his part-time job. We did get a new piece of equipment for our home gym though! John decided that he wanted a recumbent bike to do some gentle workouts on so we found one used from a friend that is in great shape!!

Isn’t it pretty? 

I’m also pretty excited for it so I can use it for cross-training during my half training this spring. Typically I would go for an upright one but we found this one and decided to go for it! 


Spring Half Marathon Training Week 2

Spring Half Marathon Training Week 2 #weightloss #halftraining #halfmarathon #running #carbcycle #totalbodystrength


High Carb Day

25 minute run with 2:1 minute intervals. Running 2 minutes and walking 1 minute.

Full body strength workout. 

10 minute total body workout #weightloss #totalbodystrength #strongnotskinny #weightlifting #homeworkouts


Low Carb Day

30 Min bike


High Carb Day

25 minute 2:1 intervals

Total Body Strength 



Low Carb Day

30 minute Bike


High Carb day

25 minute run 2:1 intervals


Cheat day

Long Run 40min 3:1 intervals

Total Body Strength

10 minute total body workout #weightloss #totalbodystrength #strongnotskinny #weightlifting #homeworkouts


Low Carb Day



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