Warm up for your workout and Prevent Injury

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Everyone needs to warm up for your workout. I post a lot of workouts on here but as of now I haven’t addressed warming up for them.

Why Should You Warm Up

The most important reason you should warm up before exercising is to prevent injury.  Warming up will prevent muscle strains and overuse injuries by steadily and slowly preparing the body for work. We want to slowly bring the muscles up in temperature and loosen things up before we start putting a lot of stress on them with a workout. 

Another great reason to warm up is to prepare yourself mentally for the upcoming activity. This is a time while you are prepping your body to workout but it also is a time to focus on the exercise you are about to do and “get in the zone”. 


Warm up for your Workout

The structure of this warm up is simple. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds in order. Click the links if you aren’t sure how to do a particular move!

boxer’s shuffle
front kicks
side lunges
lateral jumps
switch jumps
butt kickers
high knees

Don't forget to warm up for your workout! Here is a quick and effective no equipment warm up to get you ready!

Workouts to Do

Try one of these workouts after your warm up!

10 Minute Total Body Strength

Quick Lower Body Strength

Full Body Bodyweight Workout

15 Minute HIIT Treadmill

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