10 Minute Legs, lunges

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Happy FRIDAY everyone!! I’m not sure why I’m so excited that it is Friday considering I’m working at the hospital this weekend….However, for some of ya’ll it is the start of the weekend so Yay for you! OH man do I have a 10 minute workout for you! 10 Minute legs…. this one is so much fun and such a burnout for them legs! 


This week has also been going great for my Half marathon training and the strength exercises are a nice way to break things up and keep my muscle! I am actually planning on adding another day of running (easy) into my training plan next week due to feeling so good! 



10 Minute Legs

Lunges are the base of this workout and by base I mean they are the only thing that you do in this workout! There are 5 variations to the lunge that this workout entails. You will go through the exercises twice at your given HIIT interval.

Beginners 30 on 30 rest

Intermediate 40 work 20 rest

Advanced 50 work 10 rest

I think my favorite, or least favorite not sure exactly which, is the 5th lunge of the set. Jump lunges. Nothing like doing some plyo and getting your heart rate up more after you have already exhausted those legs! I’m evil I know, patients and clients both tell me that frequently. I’m definitely leaning towards my favorite part of this workout when others are doing it. When I’m doing it I’m cursing at myself so I feel it ya’ll! 

A fast fat burning 10 minute leg workout to build those muscles! Just 10 minutes long!



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