18 Week Spring Half Marathon Plan

This spring will mark 4 years since I ran my last half marathon. EEEK! I didn’t mean to go that long between them but….such is life. I was planning on running one this past fall but I ended up getting plantar fasciitis and was a good little physical therapist and did what I would tell my patients to do. That isn’t always the case for me. Physical Therapists make horrible patients. The other day I made my 18 week spring half marathon plan and scheduled it out in my bullet journal. 


Coming up soon I will be doing a post on how to prevent common overuse injuries that runners suffer such as I did above so stay tuned!

Follow along with my half marathon training plan. 18 weeks starting January 8th! #halfmarathon #weightloss #carbcycling #running #getfit #run

3 phases

My training plan has 3 phases in the 18 weeks. This is also called periodization. Doing a periodized based program is beneficial in keeping your body in the top shape and also having a specific reason behind your training. 

Base phase

During this phase (the first 6 weeks of my plan) my goal is to build up my endurance foundation. Since Thanksgiving in Mexico I have some what slacked off on my running so I want to start with gradually adding distance back in. This is two fold for me. 1. it will build up my base slowly so I don’t mentally get in my way. 2. it will help prevent overuse injuries which I have found that I am VERY prone to. I will go over these in another post soon and ways to prevent them!

Performance Phase

This phase of my training plan is to build up my speed as well as my long run distance. This is my phase that you work on your specific performance for the race ahead that is very specific to the race.

Taper phase

Finally, in the last couple of weeks leading up to the race is the taper. When training for a longer race you need to have a taper. This is the phase where you decrease the number and intensity of runs/miles to give your body time to rest and recover in order to prepare for the race.

How I plan for my half marathon training. Bullet journal 18 week half marathon training plan. #strength #trainingplan #workoutplan #weightloss #halfmarathon
During this training plan I will be doing 4 runs a week including 2 easy runs, a faster tempo type run and a long run. I will also be doing 2-3 days of strength training. My goal during this training is to continue to maintain muscle as well as continue with my weight loss through proper nutrition. 
If you want to follow along with my training for this half and prepare for one yourself stay tuned each week for my weekly plan that will also include strength potions and my nutrition plan!



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