2 week beginner HIIT program

I am so excited!! For the past month I have been developing and designing a 2 week beginner HIIT program for those of you interested in starting with HIIT training! I know that jumping into some of the HIIT workouts that I post on the blog here and that you find all over pinterest can be a little daunting. They can also be extremely difficult workouts if you are just starting with HIIT. 

Free 2 Week HIIT Program

2 Week Beginner HIIT Program

I am asking you to give me 2 weeks to get started and ease your way into the HIIT world. 2 weeks to fall in love with HIIT and get ready to take your training and weight loss to the next level! 


With this free program I give you a schedule to follow and suggestions for active rest days. You will be doing 3 days of strength training and 2 days of cardio each week.

Free 2 Week HIIT Program

The best part is! (other than it being free) The workouts are only 15 minutes long! We all can find a spare 15 minutes in our day to do a workout right? That is what is so great about HIIT training, you don’t have to spend hours in the gym to get in the shape you want! 

Always wanted to try HIIT? Scared that you aren't ready yet? Follow this FREE 2 week beginner HIIT program!

Free 2 Week HIIT Program