I have become absolutely obsessed with infused water lately!!! It makes my water 1000 times better. My favorites lately have been:

  • cucumber
  • cucumber lemon
  • lemon berry (lemon and mixed berries)
  • mango pineapple
  • strawberry mango

No fancy equipment needed either for your infused water. I just take my plain old camelbak water bottle, drop some frozen fruit or cucumber in and go!!

I always hated how when I would slice a cucumber for my water I wouldn’t always use it before it went bad etc. I have recently now started slicing it and freezing the slices!! I drop 1-2 into my water in the morning and unless I decide to switch it up just keep refilling and the cucumber slices last all day for me!!


This has been a complete game changer for my water drinking habits!!!


What are your favorite flavor combinations for infused water?! I’d love to hear them and try them out!!

Soon I am planning on venturing into using herbs too!!


your coach,


Infused Water