My Week in Workouts | 2018-2

Fit Pregnancy, Weekly Workout Routine, Workout Plan / Sunday, January 14th, 2018

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A Week in Workouts

Monday:  Full Body Strength

Tuesday: Run 27 minutes. 2 minute run 1 minute walk intervals. 2 miles total.

I felt really good on this run today. I didn’t run at all last week so getting back to it felt great! I am still running on the treadmill during the week due to the 4 am wake-up call and the cold temps. Gilmore Girls on Netflix sure is a lifesaver!!

Wednesday: Full Body Strength


Run 15 minutes on treadmill. 1.2 miles.

I was really excited this morning because when I first got up it was 50 degrees and no rain. I got all ready to go and run outside and in that 5 minutes it started pouring down rain with the rain that was then bringing in the freezing rain….down to the treadmill I went…


Work and a busy day running all over town.


I was exhausted after working 9 hours at the hospital and ended up taking a nap and then going to bed early. All about listening to my body!


Long run. 40 minutes and 3 miles. Check my instagram

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