21 Day fix Tips

You’re on the 21 Day Fix and not seeing results.  What’s going on?  It could be simply that you’re not giving your body enough time to adjust to your new lifestyle change.  Some of my challengers see their biggest results after their second or third round, not their first.  However, there are some tips I do have to keep you headed in the right direction:

“I’m Not Losing Weight!”

First of all, don’t weigh yourself the first week.  This is important.  Let me repeat: DO NOT STEP ON THE SCALE THE FIRST WEEK.  If I had my way, challengers would only weigh in once every 2-3 weeks.  Short-term fluctuations are not only demoralizing, they’re usually not an accurate measure of progress.  Now, go read this post:  Why you should ignore your weight.

Also, take a long hard look at a few things:

  • Your expectations.  It’s unrealistic to expect a 15-lb. weight loss in three weeks if you’re close to your goal weight, already working out, etc.  My challengers who have big weight loss during the Fix are usually the ones who start with the most weight to lose.
  • Are you giving the program 100% effort?  Are you sticking to the program, drinking your Shakeology, and giving your workouts your all (if they’re easy for you, you NEED to increase your weights or move up to 21 Day Fix Extreme).

“I’m Not Hungry!”

You do not have to eat all of your containers if you’re legitimately full.  I always want my challengers to eat according to their body’s cues and signals.  However, I’d rather have you leave out a yellow container than a green.  If you’re not getting all your greens in, try blending spinach or kale into your Shakeology.  Your body needs the nutrients, especially while working out.

“I’m Always Hungry!”

If you are hungry, eat.  Simple.  Again, this is part of eating according to your body’s cues.  It could be that you are trying to maintain a lower calorie bracket than you should.  Try adding a red first, as protein can help curb hunger.    Also, in my opinion, you can never have too many veggies.  Add greens.  Are you drinking your Shakeology?  That also helps curb cravings.

“What if I’m breastfeeding?”

Breastfeeding mothers should go up a calorie bracket since they require approximately 500 extra calories per day to maintain their milk supply.  However, they should always consult their doctor or OB/GYN before starting any diet or exercise program.

“What if I am exercising more than normal?”

If you do doubles for the ENTIRE 21 days of the program then you should use the formula on page 76 of the 21 Day Fix Guide book that accounts for harder/longer workouts. This will put you in the appropriate calorie bracket. If you are only doing doubles for the last 3 days or the last week you should not need to adjust the calorie bracket.

Other 21 Day Fix Tips and Modifications:

  • Try eliminating dairy.
  • Eat the foods at the top of the 21 Day Fix Foods List.  These foods provide the biggest nutritional bang for their buck, so to speak.  Are you eating too many foods at the bottom of the list?  Adjust accordingly.
  • Make sure you are not eating anything, especially carbs, 3 hours before going to sleep.
  • Try limiting whole wheat products, substituting other whole grains like quinoa, barley, and brown rice.  Wheat can cause blood sugar to spike and leave you feeling hungry.
  • If you suffer from late-night cravings, make sure you are eating enough throughout the day.  Many of my challengers use their Shakeology as an after-dinner snack to avoid giving in to night time temptations.


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