4 things to do at night to help you lose weight

Everyone has been there. Looking for ways to lose weight. I have 4 things to do at night to help you lose weight. Weight loss doesn’t happen over night, it is a long, slow process. But there are a few things that I do every night to keep me on track and help me reach my goals


 Pack Your Lunch

Not planning ahead is one of the biggest causes of weight gain. Instead of going hungry and grabbing whatever you can get your hands on by the time lunch rolls around, pack yourself your lunch. If you do it the night before, you avoid the morning rush stress or forgoing it altogether. Now since I go home over lunch I don’t pack it the night before completely. I do pack my husbands lunch at night though. I take lunches a step further in terms of ease. I have several recipes that I will rotate cooking on the weekends and portion out to freeze for lunches. I don’t do a huge meal prep day or anything like that. I just cook one of these meals and add it to the freezer. This way I don’t spend the whole weekend cooking and I am still able to keep my freezer stocked with pre-portioned healthy meals! I will be posting these recipes over the next few weeks.

Put Breakfast in a Bag

Same idea as packing your lunch the night before – why not pack your breakfast? If you are a breakfast eater it makes this so much more simple. However, if you have your Shakeology for breakfast, better not make it at night. It is so quick just make it in the morning. However if you use fruit in your Shakeology portion it out for the freezer in little baggies so it is a grab and blend kind of thing too!

 Prep Your Gym Bag/Lay out your workout clothes

Do your workout gear round up the night before and have it ready to go in the morning. Workouts are more likely to happen if you deliberately take the time to prep for them. Plus, if you make this a habit every night before a workout, you’re more likely to get in the habit of a regular exercise routine. I sleep in my workout clothes since I’m an early riser and workout first thing in the morning. It takes out a step at 5:00 in the morning so I have less to think about and can just get my butt downstairs for my workout!

Chop Chop

Prep your veggies for dinner the night before! You did such an awesome job eating right all day, so don’t ruin it by coming home at night starving and throwing together a quick and probably not-so-healthy meal. Also defrost any food on a plate in the fridge the night prior so you don’t have to wait on it!


That’s it! If you want more great tips and advice for healthy living and clean eating join one of my online challenge groups. Apply below!

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