April 2015 Challenge Pack

As many of you know (some may not but now you will) I am currently doing my first round of P90X3 and I absolutely am loving it! I was so excited when I found out that the April 2015 challenge pack promotion was for P90X3! Click HERE for your challenge pack!


Why buy a challenge pack? First, you save money! With this challenge pack for P90X3 and shakeology you save over $115!! Sold! Second, you get bonus workouts and will get me as your coach to help you with your fitness goals!


  •  This is Beachbody’s lowest price ever for the P90X3 and Shakeology Challenge Pack.
  •  Everyone’s talking about P90X3 —Tony Horton’s most efficient and effective workouts yet.
  •  P90X3 is a 90-day extreme fitness program designed to get you ripped in just 30 minutes a day.
  •  Shakeology can help you “Bring It” during workouts, simplify your nutrition plan, lose weight, reduce junk food cravings, increase your energy and improve digestion and regularity*!
  •  Get started sooner – stream your P90X3 workouts through the Team Beachbody Club!


As always I have monthly challenge groups going to help you reach your goals! Fill out the form below to reserve your spot! Space is limited!


Do you currently own any Beachbody Fitness programs?*
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My coach is Abby Siler on Teambeachbody.com*
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