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Running, Tips / Sunday, November 19th, 2017

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Winter Layering

I know that some parts of the country are already getting snow this weekend before Thanksgiving. Luckily here in Kansas we haven’t experienced that yet but our temperatures are definitely dropping! I have never been too great when it comes to running in the cold. I’m a little bit of a pansy to be honest. However, I am going to try this winter to keep it outside as much as I can vs. heading to the treadmill in my basement.


I decided to do a little research and give you all a guide on dressing for a run outside in the winter time!


First of all, my motto in all things is to always layer. I’m pretty much cold all the time so this is my #1 rule whenever I get dressed. I might take it to the extreme a little though because i usually have 2-3 layers on at least every day….. Yea i’m weird.


50+ degrees out

I tend to struggle with this temperature range. Because at the start of the run I’m freezing and my first temptation is to wear long sleeves….big mistake. One that I have made several times in fact.

Once you get going when it is above 50 out you get warm real quick.

Basically you need shorts and a t-shirt or tank. Your normal daily workout clothes if you honestly think about it. Nothing to change here.

Granted, I tend to never wear shorts so some lightweight compression capris are also an option here…

40 – 50 degrees out

base layer: Long sleeve t-shirt, capri or full length running pants

Insulating layer:  optional light sweater

30 – 40 degrees out

Base layer: long sleeve shirt and running pants

Insulating later: sweater or fleece

Accessories: Light gloves and ear warmers



20 – 30 degrees out

Base layer:  Long-sleeve shirt and optional running tights

Insulating layer: Fleece Pants

Protective layer: lightweight running jacket

Accessories: Hat and warm gloves



Less than 20 degrees out

Base layer:  Long-sleeve shirt and running tights

Insulating layer: Fleece Pants

Protective layer: lightweight running jacket

Accessories: Hat, neck warmer and 2 pairs of gloves or mittens.




What are some of your favorite products for all of your winter layering!?!



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