Benefits of Resistance Bands

I get a lot of questions from people on what the difference between using resistance band and free weights are and what are the benefits of resistance bands. Each of these pieces of equipment will help you build your home gym. I am a huge fan of working out at home due to decreased distractions (for some) and I can make up less excuses due to not having to physically go somewhere to get my workout in. That’s why I loved my bands so much when I first got them!

Similarities with free weights

  1. provide some form of resistance
  2. allow a free range of motion
  3. allow variable speed of movement
  4. allow progressive resistance.

benefits of resistance bands

Benefits of Resistance Bands

  1. train at home
  2. easy to travel with
  3. multi-joint movements with a single band
  4. easy on the joints
  5. standing up instead of sitting down for exercise to improve stabilization
  6. inexpensive
  7. little space required for storage


I will be starting to post more and more workouts with the use of resistance bands!! They are so versatile and one of my favorites! 


I have heard a lot of people that say resistance bands aren’t able to give you the same strength benefits as using weights….wait what? Seriously? These people have obviously never used resistance bands!!! Numerous studies out there have shown that the muscle activity during resistance band use is similar to free weights. Nice try!!


Resistance bands were one of my first purchases when I was building my home gym. I take them on trips with me when I know there isn’t going to be a gym where we are staying. They give you no excuse not to do your strength training now!! 

Find your own on amazon, at target, or other stores. You can find a good set most places!



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