Bored Easily

Okay I changed things….if you have followed me for any amount of time you now know that I get bored easily. That actually might be an understatement actually. My husband always jokes with me….oh look a tree…yeah that’s what he will say to me because my train of thought and focus changes so frequently. Hey, I am who I am and I definitely keep things interesting that’s for sure. I can also go off on rambling tangents…probably have noticed that about me as well. Okay, back on point….

Where was I?

Oh yeah, I get bored easily. Well, it has happened again. I was absolutely loving body beast. I have been getting amazing results and starting to really see the definition come in. BUT…my sister is doing the 21 day fix right now. I was also wanting to really zero in on my nutrition and just decided now was a good time to refocus. So, as of Monday I’m doing another round of 21 day fix….and here is the thing, I’m counting on everyone else to keep me on track and focused for the next 21 days. I’m doing this…start to finish :).

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My awesome planner with 21 day fix stickers!

I still need to take my before pictures and measurements other than weight and body fat so those will be posted either later or I will wait until I’m done with this round (or the next one) to post the difference. If you haven’t noticed yet I don’t have any before/after pictures of me up really yet. I know I should, it is just something I’m not ready to do yet. First, I’m still on my journey, I’m not where I want to be or even close for that matter. BUT soon my friends, soon I will get there and post transformation pictures!

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Okay back to the point again….:) see I get off track and bored easily!!! That’s why I’m loving beachbody on demand so much (granted body beast and 21 day fix aren’t included unless you buy the dvd’s). You get to pick which program you want and what workout what day etc. The challenge du jour is amazing too. Each day the people at beachbody “prescribe” a workout for the day jumping around and sampling all the different programs!

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Fix approved lunch!

Wow….eventually I will finish this post! If you don’t follow me on instagram yet you should! is my name. I regularly post lunch ideas that are all fixed approved as well as other tips and workout bonuses as well as some of my random life in there! You should definitely check it out!

So, who wants to join me for a 21 day fix challenge group where we all support one another and keep each other on track!? I will be your coach and help you every step of the way! Lets do this! Sign up below if you want to join in on the fun!

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