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Back in time a bit….

I first decided to start this blog for two reasons. One was to get out there and share my love of living a healthy active life with everyone. Include sharing recipes, workouts, and eventually injury prevention and recovery advice from my field of physical therapy. The second reason was to help keep me accountable on my weight loss journey.


Over the last couple of years my body has gotten away from me a little bit. I have always been athletic and active. I love sports and I love being outside. However….I also love food. I’m a self proclaimed picky foodie. Yes, that is a definition that I made up and also probably a bit of an oxymoron!


This is me on a waterfall visit a month or so ago. I’m just not loving the way I feel in my own body at this point and I’m ready for a change!


I have tried everything out there to help with my weight loss trust me. I struggle to stay on track and that is my biggest downfall. That is where this site came into play. Why not journal and blog to keep myself on track and hopefully help others out there along the way that are struggling as well?


Bullet Journal

I have recently jumped on the bullet journal bandwagon! What is a bullet journal? Head over to the original website for a short video at www.bulletjournal.com.

My point of bringing up the bullet journal isn’t to go into a detail of what it is and what it is for. Basically it is planner and brain dump for me as well as a way to track things and stay organized.


One of the things I have decided to track with my bullet journal is my weight loss journey progress. I spent way more time on Pinterest than I should have to decide how I wanted to track my weight loss in my journal. I finally decided upon the version that Productive and Pretty had. So here is what my bullet journal tracker looked like at the beginning.


Yupe that is my starting place and my goal to lose 40 pounds. Now I am being realistic with this whole approach though. While I am tracking my weight I am also fully aware that as my body is changing and I’m adding strength training back into my routine the weight goal itself might change and I might not meet that “magic goal number”. But this is my way of tracking my progress.
weight loss goals rewards
My goal is to keep posting updates on my progress to also help me stay accountable with this journey!

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