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One of the biggest excuses that I get from people who want to get into working out is the cost. They either don’t want to pay for a gym membership or think that having a home gym is too expensive. WRONG. A gym membership is expensive but working out at home is more convenient, cheaper, and no pressure/intimidation. Here I am going to bust the budget conundrum of working out.  

Most of the Beachbody programs require little to no home equipment to get an amazing workout in and get amazing results. However, there are a few that require some weights etc., such as P90X programs, 21 day fix and Body Beast. So, how do you build your home gym/supply the equipment that you need for these workouts without breaking the bank? Basically, in this post I’m going to go over how I have built my Budget Friendly Home Gym!

My first and favorite equipment that I absolutely love and recommend to everyone is to get a good set of high quality resistance bands. Beachbody   has a great set and I love them. The great thing about bands is the wide range of resistance that they provide and also the portability. I love being able to toss my {small} bag of resistance bands into my travel bag and take them anywhere. It means I can get a great strength training workout in wherever I go no matter what! There are different set options for you to get depending on the amount of resistance you need. Or you can get the ultimate kit that has 10 bands with 5-50 pounds of resistance. So, For $40-120 you can have a set of bands that covers all of your strength training needs. These are all anyone truly needs, honestly. I can even do Body Beast with bands instead of weights. Which is awesome!


Now you might be wanting to progress from bands to weights or you might not like the idea of bands. Hey, that’s fine, to each their own. I feel like there isn’t as much value in weights as the bands so to do a budget friendly home gym bands are the way to go. BUT , if you are like me and absolutely love dumbbells (I truly do) then what I recommend is shopping around for the right price. In my area, Academy Outdoor and Sports has the best price per pound for dumbbells so that is where I am getting all of mine from. Keeping the budget friendly home gym aspect in mind. I don’t recommend going out and buying a full set of dumbbells all at once. A) you don’t get them at a better price per pound doing this so it isn’t worth it and B) you don’t need all of those weights all at once. What I have been doing is I started with buy a pair of 5lb and 8lb dumbbells. After I started to outgrow those I bought a pair of 10lbs. Buy your dumbbells as you need them and grow in strength. Simple as that, no need to go out and spend $200+ all at once for a set when you don’t need them all right now. You will end up spending that much in the end but you will spread it out over a year or two more than likely.

Here is what mine currently looks like:

abbysilerfitness.com, home gym, budget home gym, free weight loss coaching

Keep in mind I have been building mine up for about 2 years now so I didn’t buy this all at once. Also the orange things are my dad’s home creation of a Lebert Equilizer! He is pretty awesome. He also made me my pull up bar that is not pictured as well.

I also have a t-grip bar that I got for my birthday last year. I use this instead of the ez-curl bar. I love it’s versatility. However, it is a little more pricey than the EZ curl bar that Beachbody has. Or click HERE to get your own t-grip barbell!

abbysilerfitness.com, t-grip barbell, workout equipment

t-grip barbell

Additionally to the t-grip bar, weights, homemade equilizer, an resistance bands I have a stability ball which is irreplaceable! They are really inexpensive at Walmart or target….like under $10.

Must Haves:

1. stability ball

2. resistance bands

3. a few dumbbells

that’s it. Nothing fancy. Not a whole dumbbell set. Just a few things that you can probably spend less than $100 on to get you started. That would be less than 2 months of a gym membership. Add in a little beachbody on demand and you are ready to go!


Beachbody Performance

Have you heard the news? Beachbody, the makers of P90X and Insanity just announced a new product line – the Beachbody Performance Supplement Line – coming July 20, 2015.

Beachbody Performance Nutrition

What is Beachbody Performance?

Beachbody Performance is a line of premium performance supplements designed for any fitness routine, which will improve performance and recovery, and help anyone reach their fitness and health goals faster. The Beachbody Performance Nutrition Supplement is an easy-to-use, complete supplement system that’s guaranteed to boost your workout performance and help accelerate the results from any fitness program. Every ingredient is thoroughly tested and scientifically shown to enhance performance and recovery.

There are 5 unique formulas—Energize, Hydrate, Recover, Recharge, and Creatine—that can be used alone or easily customized depending on your fitness goals or needs. It will help you overcome any obstacle—from low energy to muscle soreness—so you can push yourself harder in every workout.

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What’s included in the Beachbody Performance Supplement Line?


The system has four powder drinks formulated with key ingredients scientifically shown to be effective.


BEACHBODY PERFORMANCE ENERGIZE PRE-WORKOUT (Lemon Spark Flavor) – Improves intense exercise performance, increases energy and endurance, and sharpens focus, and reaction time.


BEACHBODY PERFORMANCE HYDRATE DURING-WORKOUT (Citrus Cooler Flavor) – Supports hydration during exercise, replaces electrolytes lost during exercise, fuels working muscles, and improves endurance.


BEACHBODY PERFORMANCE RECOVER POST-WORKOUT (Chocolate Chill Flavor) – Speeds muscle recovery, promotes lean muscle synthesis, combats exercise-induced muscle soreness, and improves muscle strength recovery.


BEACHBODY PERFORMANCE RECHARGE NIGHTTIME (Vanilla Dream Flavor) – Supports overnight muscle recovery, improves overnight adaptation to exercise, promotes lean muscle synthesis, and reduces muscle breakdown.


PLUS: BEACHBODY PERFORMANCE CREATINE – This add-on has no flavor and mixes well with the Post-Workout formula to improve high intensity exercise performance, increase muscle strength and power, and enhance the effects of resistance training.


And don’t worry, if you use Shakeology like I do, you can use Beachbody Performance supplements in addition to a daily regimen of Shakeology. Just don’t mix the two into one drink!


What’s missing in the Beachbody Performance Supplement Line? Nothing! And there are no artificial colors, no flavors, no sweeteners, and no preservatives.


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Review of Week 1 Body Beast

So I decided to do a review of week 1 body beast for you!! I absolutely love this program! For the most part I have been using a combination of both resistance bands and dumbbells for the program which is working great for me!


I’m not going to post any progress pictures etc until  later but so far I am down 1″ in my waist and 3 pounds! Not too bad for dialing in nutrition and strength training for a week!

work in progress, body beast, women's weight loss, women's weight lifting
Build chest and tri’s:  I loved this workout! One of my favorite body parts to work is the tricep! This is one of those muscles on me that builds quickly and shows up leanness fast hitch is always a plus for me. For most of this week o have been using my bands instead of weights. However, on this particular workout I used dumbbells more due to the majority of the lifts being on your back/laying on the ball. I find it easier to use dumbbells instead of resistance bands for these moves, especially the incline press/fly. Total workout time: 48 min

Build Legs: I have to admit, I love working my legs as well. What can I say, I love lifting weights. This workout is going to burn your legs out. Make sure to check your form with some of the moves. Keep your body safe! This workout I definitely used dumbbells a little more similar to chest/tri’s. The main move that you won’t be able to use your bands on will be the step up with reverse lunge. The nature of the step up makes resistance bands impossible. I plan on doing some research to see if there is an alternative that can be done for this move! Total workout time: 38 min

Build back/bi’s: This workout is great for the resistance bands. I actually like the resistance bands better for back and biceps due to the continuous pull that they give compared to the dumbbells. One tip, a modification from the one and only Tony Horton, hammer curls with the bands is hard on your hand if you do it the traditional way. Instead, for a hammer curl turn your hands so palms are face down to work the same muscles but not squish your hands. Total workout time: 50 min

Build shoulders: Just like the back/bi workout this is another that works really well for the bands. Your shoulders will definitely be burnt out at the end of this workout. Tip for after this one, don’t try to do your  hair after because you won’t be able to hold your arms up! With the resistance bands there really isn’t any modification needed to convert these moves from dumbbells to resistance bands! Remember to use lighter weights! Total workout time: 38 min

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Bikini ready in May!

It is the beginning of a new month and you know what that means! New challenge pack promotions and a new online challenge group getting ready to start up! Let me help you get bikini ready in May for summer! Keep reading for May 2015 Challenge Pack Specials!

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Insanity Max:30
Max out

INSANITY MAX:30™ and Shakeology Challenge Pack: Only $180 USD (normally $205 USD).
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Body Beast® and Shakeology Challenge Pack: Only $140 USD (normally $160 USD).

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PiYo® and Shakeology Challenge Pack: Only $140 USD (normally $160 USD).
PiYo® Kickstart and Shakeology Challenge Pack: Only $180 USD (normally $205 USD). – includes 3 day refresh

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Ultimate Reset® and Shakeology Challenge Pack: Only $275 USD (normally $305 USD


I’m so excited about all of these challenge packs! Remember when you order a challenge pack you save $30-$90 dollars! Other benefits of challenge packs include:

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First Fabletics Outfit


I’m so excited! Today I received my first Fabletics Outfit! Has anyone else ever done this? I am in love! They have a great special going on that gives you 50% any outfit! You can either join as a monthly member and get great discounts (you can skip any month as many months in a row as you want and not get charged the membership fee). OR you can be a regular member and still get great outfits for great prices! Click HERE to get the deal! fab-logo

What was my first outfit? I’m so glad you asked!

Here is the top that I picked out:


The bottoms:

salar leggins

and the matching headband:


I used the pictures from the website for the headband and pants due to the fact that I completely forgot to take a picture in them when I wore them yesterday. OOPS!

I  absolutely loved working out in all three pieces. They fit great and were super comfy. The only thing I can complain about is my weird head shape that doesn’t keep headbands on very well. BUT that is a problem with my head :) and not the actual headband! The top didn’t ride up much at all when I was doing the dreaded burpees this morning and the pants fit so so well. Hope you love your outfits from Fabletics!

Again for a great deal on your first outfit click the link below!


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New Year New You – Bountiful Basket

I am so excited! The husband and I went to pick up our first Bountiful Basket last night! I first learned about Bountiful Baskets a couple of years ago but at the time they weren’t available in my area. I randomly decided last week to start looking into food co-ops again and found out that they are now in our area. eek! I was super excited. What are bountiful baskets you ask?

From their website:

Each week different items will be in the Bountiful Basket! We base the basket contents on what is in season, high quality, good value, and local. We generally have 6 fruit items & 6 vegetable items. We focus on what would be well received in our homes, and the extensive surveys we’ve done with participants over the past 5 years to know what families eat.

Bountiful baskets is a volunteer based organization meaning you get more for your money since no one is paid to work.

So what are my thoughts on the basket? I’m glad you asked. First of all there is quite a bit of produce in the basket for this week. My main concern was that there would be a lot of produce in there that I wouldn’t like since I am a fairly picky eater. Thankfully that isn’t the case. I had a couple of items in there that I don’t usually use so  it  will force me out of my comfort zone a little  but not too much!  I know I know, I’m sort of a little kid.  I’m trying though!!


Okay so now for the good stuff. PICTURES!  I know I get a little excited about pictures but this is what I got in my basket this week.



Here is all the food in the basket!


Some lettuce and rhubarb (one of those outside my comfort zone)


Strawberries and blueberries


Yellow bell peppers and broccoli


Spaghetti squash and red potatoes


Finally 8 oranges (they are delicious oranges), 3 grapefruit, and 4 Fuji apples!


All in all I think we got a great deal! Lots of produce for not very much  money! That’s a win in my book.



To start the new year off right I am having a free healthy eating and fitness challenge group that lasts 21 days. If you are interested and want more details comment below!


~ Abby





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