Kansas Waterfalls #1 and #2

Last month for my birthday John got me my first pair of hiking boots. We had talked a lot about getting into hiking as something we can do together and finally for my birthday we took the plunge to start getting out gear together that we will need!


Some people are under the impression that Kansas is a boring state with nothing exciting to do in terms of hiking and that the landscape isn’t that interesting…..I would like to prove them all wrong! 😉 Since we aren’t going to start with big long weekend plus hiking trips we decided to make it a point to head around the state and see some of the gorgeous waterfalls we have to offer here!

Our first hiking trip and waterfall that we did was at a place about an hour away from Wichita at a Methodist summer camp, Camp Horizon. We had gotten a whole bunch of rain the two weeks before Memorial day so the river was high and the mosquitoes were out full force but we survived and had a blast!


Then it was another 20 minute drive to Cowley County State Fishing Lake for our first Kansas waterfall!


There were quite a few people swimming in the waterfall and it looked like a blast! The waterfall was really flowing due to all of the recent rain which made it an even better experience!

Overall I’d say our first hiking trip was a success!

Kansas waterfall #2 was at Santa Fe Lake which is about 20 minutes from Wichita. It was an impromptu visit after dinner with a couple of friends on Sunday night.


The sunset was beautiful over the lake that night too.




Have a great day!!!

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