I’m Back!! Adjusting to Change.


I’m finally back and ready to spend time with you all!! During the last couple of months of my pregnancy I sort of dropped off the face of the interwebs including social media. I don’t want to make excuses but with it being my first pregnancy and having started a new full time job as […]

June 20, 2018

Two Week Plank Challenge | Build that core


I hate working my core and I’m fine admitting that. However, being a physical thrapist, that is a big no-no. I mean come on, if you have ever been to physical therapy before you know that your P.T. will preach to you about how important good core strength is. Yeah well I am one of […]

September 17, 2017

Burpee Squat Battle


I absolutely love having some go-to workouts to do when I’m either short on time or traveling that require no equipment. This is one of those workouts that I keep in my back pocket for those times! This burpee squat battle workout definitely does not disappoint in any of those requirements for a back-pocket exercise! […]

April 8, 2017

Spring Half Marathon Training Weeks 6 & 7


The next couple of weeks are going to be busy for me with my spring half marathon training weeks 6 & 7 and life in general! I am a member of my local Junior League and I have meetings tonight and Thursday night this week. Also, every year we have a “galentines” night the weekend […]

February 6, 2017

Spring Half Marathon Training Week 5


I have been attempting to learn to drink whiskey. As in sipping it on the rocks with my husband. Over the weekend we headed to Wichita’s first and only legal distillery’s bar grand opening, Wheat State Distilling!    We had a blast with a group of friends playing shuffle board and just relaxing at the bar. […]

January 30, 2017

Thrive Review


Over the past week I have been doing the Simple Green Smoothies Thrive 7 day Detox and here is my review!  Overall Overall I think it was a great program. The recipes were good and filling but I do admit that I missed my  meat!!! That’s right this is a meat free program. I can definitely […]

October 10, 2016

Heating Up

Running, Uncategorized

Saturday Well I have officially had to give up my Saturday afternoon runs… 🙁 They have been a staple for me this spring but as the temperatures start to rise here in Kansas they just aren’t a good idea any more. My Saturday routine for the last couple of months has been to go into […]

June 12, 2016

Infused Water Recipes


I have become absolutely obsessed with infused water lately!!! It makes my water 1000 times better. My favorites lately have been: cucumber cucumber lemon lemon berry (lemon and mixed berries) mango pineapple strawberry mango No fancy equipment needed either for your infused water. I just take my plain old camelbak water bottle, drop some frozen […]

February 21, 2016

Stay Tuned!!!


My site is currently being re-vamped and will be up and running soon! To connect with me and get tips and motivation follow me on social media!!! Facebook: Abby Siler Facebook! instagram: @abby.siler3 youtube: Abby Siler

December 16, 2015