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budget friendly gym layout

One of the biggest excuses that I get from people who want to get into working out is the cost. They either don’t want to pay for a gym membership or think that having a home gym is too expensive. WRONG. A gym membership is expensive but working out at home is more convenient, cheaper, and no pressure/intimidation. Here I am going to bust the budget conundrum of working out.  

Most of the Beachbody programs require little to no home equipment to get an amazing workout in and get amazing results. However, there are a few that require some weights etc., such as P90X programs, 21 day fix and Body Beast. So, how do you build your home gym/supply the equipment that you need for these workouts without breaking the bank? Basically, in this post I’m going to go over how I have built my Budget Friendly Home Gym!

My first and favorite equipment that I absolutely love and recommend to everyone is to get a good set of high quality resistance bands. Beachbody   has a great set and I love them. The great thing about bands is the wide range of resistance that they provide and also the portability. I love being able to toss my {small} bag of resistance bands into my travel bag and take them anywhere. It means I can get a great strength training workout in wherever I go no matter what! There are different set options for you to get depending on the amount of resistance you need. Or you can get the ultimate kit that has 10 bands with 5-50 pounds of resistance. So, For $40-120 you can have a set of bands that covers all of your strength training needs. These are all anyone truly needs, honestly. I can even do Body Beast with bands instead of weights. Which is awesome!


Now you might be wanting to progress from bands to weights or you might not like the idea of bands. Hey, that’s fine, to each their own. I feel like there isn’t as much value in weights as the bands so to do a budget friendly home gym bands are the way to go. BUT , if you are like me and absolutely love dumbbells (I truly do) then what I recommend is shopping around for the right price. In my area, Academy Outdoor and Sports has the best price per pound for dumbbells so that is where I am getting all of mine from. Keeping the budget friendly home gym aspect in mind. I don’t recommend going out and buying a full set of dumbbells all at once. A) you don’t get them at a better price per pound doing this so it isn’t worth it and B) you don’t need all of those weights all at once. What I have been doing is I started with buy a pair of 5lb and 8lb dumbbells. After I started to outgrow those I bought a pair of 10lbs. Buy your dumbbells as you need them and grow in strength. Simple as that, no need to go out and spend $200+ all at once for a set when you don’t need them all right now. You will end up spending that much in the end but you will spread it out over a year or two more than likely.

Here is what mine currently looks like:

abbysilerfitness.com, home gym, budget home gym, free weight loss coaching

Keep in mind I have been building mine up for about 2 years now so I didn’t buy this all at once. Also the orange things are my dad’s home creation of a Lebert Equilizer! He is pretty awesome. He also made me my pull up bar that is not pictured as well.

I also have a t-grip bar that I got for my birthday last year. I use this instead of the ez-curl bar. I love it’s versatility. However, it is a little more pricey than the EZ curl bar that Beachbody has. Or click HERE to get your own t-grip barbell!

abbysilerfitness.com, t-grip barbell, workout equipment

t-grip barbell

Additionally to the t-grip bar, weights, homemade equilizer, an resistance bands I have a stability ball which is irreplaceable! They are really inexpensive at Walmart or target….like under $10.

Must Haves:

1. stability ball

2. resistance bands

3. a few dumbbells

that’s it. Nothing fancy. Not a whole dumbbell set. Just a few things that you can probably spend less than $100 on to get you started. That would be less than 2 months of a gym membership. Add in a little beachbody on demand and you are ready to go!


Body Beast Half Marathon Training week 4

Body Beast Half Marathon Training week 4…..Well we are getting ready to start the 4th week of Body Beast and this means a new phase of the program! This phase is the bulk phase. I can definitely say that I’m ready for this phase. In the first three weeks I limited my cardio a little to get my body used to strength training seriously again. This phase I’m planning on adding in 3 days a week of HIIT (high intensity Inverval Training) and then 4 days a week of long duration low load cardio. There is more and more research coming out saying this is the optimized way to fat loss so added in with the body beast hopefully this will optimize me leaning out!! I’m pretty excited for this phase too, I’ve already been seeing quite a bit of change in my muscle definition which is a plus for only 3 weeks in!

I was channeling my inner beast this morning to start the bulk phase! GRRRR!!!

Oh and Don’t forget that the Beachbody Performance line goes on sale today! For the next week there is free shipping for it too! Get yours now!

Beachbody Performance Nutrition

Back to the Body Beast Half Marathon Training week 4 schedule.

Monday: Bulk chest and Turbofire HIIT 15

Tuesday: Bulk legs and run 2 miles

Wednesday: Bulk Arms and Turbofire HIIT 15

Thursday: run 3 miles or beast cardio and beast abs

Friday: Bulk Back and Turbofire HIIT 20

Saturday: Bulk Shoulders and Run 4.5 miles

I’m not going to be posting the schedule at the beginning of the week anymore after this week since the beast schedule doesn’t change. Instead at the end of the week I will post a review of my workouts/schedule as well as the running/cardio schedule for the next week to go along with the beast schedule!

Also be on the lookout for some free documents including a body beast log and half marathon training schedule!

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Week 3 Body Beast and half marathon

Sorry for the lateness of this post. It was a busy busy weekend! However, I have Week 3 Body Beast and half marathon training schedule for you!

On a side note being a KU gal I’m pretty excited to know that KU won this morning in Korea at the World University Games representing the USA for the GOLD MEDAL!!! KU Fan or not everyone should be pretty darn excited!


How was everyone’s weekend!? Mine was great. I worked on Saturday at the hospital and then Sunday was a meal prep day. Sunday I also played a couple of slow pitch softball games. It was technically a rest day for me BUT the softball games were great for an active rest day! They kicked my butt a little bit!

So here is the schedule for this week!

Monday: Beast Cardio and Abs or 3 mile run
Tuesday: Build: Back and Bi’s
Wednesday: Build Shoulders and run 2 miles
Thursday: Build: Chest/Tri’s
Friday: Build: Legs
Saturday: Build back/bi’s and run 4 miles
Sunday: Rest day

Don’t forget to BEAST UP!!

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 I’m coaching a new challenge group on facebook starting in a couple of weeks! Fill out the form below for more information! There will be a prize at the end of the 3 weeks.

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Review of Week 1 Body Beast

So I decided to do a review of week 1 body beast for you!! I absolutely love this program! For the most part I have been using a combination of both resistance bands and dumbbells for the program which is working great for me!


I’m not going to post any progress pictures etc until  later but so far I am down 1″ in my waist and 3 pounds! Not too bad for dialing in nutrition and strength training for a week!

work in progress, body beast, women's weight loss, women's weight lifting
Build chest and tri’s:  I loved this workout! One of my favorite body parts to work is the tricep! This is one of those muscles on me that builds quickly and shows up leanness fast hitch is always a plus for me. For most of this week o have been using my bands instead of weights. However, on this particular workout I used dumbbells more due to the majority of the lifts being on your back/laying on the ball. I find it easier to use dumbbells instead of resistance bands for these moves, especially the incline press/fly. Total workout time: 48 min

Build Legs: I have to admit, I love working my legs as well. What can I say, I love lifting weights. This workout is going to burn your legs out. Make sure to check your form with some of the moves. Keep your body safe! This workout I definitely used dumbbells a little more similar to chest/tri’s. The main move that you won’t be able to use your bands on will be the step up with reverse lunge. The nature of the step up makes resistance bands impossible. I plan on doing some research to see if there is an alternative that can be done for this move! Total workout time: 38 min

Build back/bi’s: This workout is great for the resistance bands. I actually like the resistance bands better for back and biceps due to the continuous pull that they give compared to the dumbbells. One tip, a modification from the one and only Tony Horton, hammer curls with the bands is hard on your hand if you do it the traditional way. Instead, for a hammer curl turn your hands so palms are face down to work the same muscles but not squish your hands. Total workout time: 50 min

Build shoulders: Just like the back/bi workout this is another that works really well for the bands. Your shoulders will definitely be burnt out at the end of this workout. Tip for after this one, don’t try to do your  hair after because you won’t be able to hold your arms up! With the resistance bands there really isn’t any modification needed to convert these moves from dumbbells to resistance bands! Remember to use lighter weights! Total workout time: 38 min

FREEBIE time!! Fill out the form below for a FREE copy of my updated Body Beast worksheets!

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P90X week 7 and Body beast week 2

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great, fun and safe 4th of July! We spent the day on Saturday out at the lake with some great friends! We both only incurred mild roseyness from the sun! Since it is Monday that means it is time for your P90x week 7 and Body Beast week 2 with half marathon hybrid schedule.

Wow, that is a mouthful…..

I have a confession to make….no one is perfect. I dropped the ball a little bit this past week on my training. I did all of my Body Beast workouts as scheduled. However, running workouts took the beating. I only ran once this week. On Thursday I was scheduled to run 3 miles in place of beast cardio. Well, life happens and I slept in. My husband had the day off and didn’t get up at our usual time with me which made me lose all motivation that morning. Oh well, life goes on. I also was supposed to run a 4 mile race on Saturday morning, but, I had to work to cover a post-op patient. Of course, after that happened and we spent the day at the lake enjoying the sun and adult beverages, running was not on the top of my list. Again, life goes on, we are all human. That just means this week I need to buckle down and get my running in if I’m going to do the half marathon in October. I need YOU to help keep me accountable!
Back to the plan. Here it is p90x week 7 and body beast week 2 with half marathon training hybrid workout plan! The way I have formatted the schedules both have running on them, pick which one you are doing and as always adjust the mileage for where you are in your training. In the coming weeks I will post a pure half-marathon training plan for you!

P90X week 7:

Monday chest shoulders & triceps 3 m run

Tuesday: plyometrics

Wednesday back and biceps 1.5 mie run

Thursday yoga

Friday legs and back

Saturday 4 mile run

Sunday rest day

Body Beast week 2:

Monday Build: Legs Run: 1.5m

Tuesday Build: Back/Bi’s

Wednesday Beast:cardio/abs -Or- Run: 3m

Thursday Build: Shoulders

Friday Build: Chest/Tris

Saturday Build:Legs &Long run: 4

Sunday Rest Day

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P90X week 6

You have made it! You are already to week 6! That means we are at the halfway point of the P90x program. P90x Week 6 and half marathon training program is going great for me and I’m so proud of everyone sticking with it!

Based on the training schedule so far you can see that I am training for a half marathon the first of October. I will be running the Prairie Fire Fall Half Marathon in Wichita, Kansas on October 11. Since I am almost half way done with the P90X program I will need to pick another program to do to after. I have considered doing continuing on with P90X plus as well as with a P90x one on one hybrid. That is what I love so much about Beachbody On Demand, pick and choose from different workouts all at my fingertips!

What are your opinions? What program should I tackle next and who wants to join a challenge group to help keep everyone accountable?!? Comment below or apply for my challenge group and let me know! Having an accountability partner/group helps you stay on track so much more! Remember my challenge groups are free if you are currently being coached by me and utilizing a beachbody program! You can be a new client as well that has signed up to have me as a coach and want that extra push for your new workout program! I am in this for you!

Don’t forget to check out my instagram for more info! Check out my hairdo for today! gym and work ready!

Workout hair, gym hair, work hair, braid

Okay, back to Week 6 P90x Schedule! It is as follows! Starting to ramp up the mileage more this week!

week 6 p90x half marathon hybrid

Well, above you see my original post for today. For those that know me or have been following me, you know I get bored extremely easily. I absolutely love P90X, however I don’t feel like it is my soulmate workout. I have been wanting to do Body Beast for a long time and I finally bought it the other day. I love lifting weights and I love the traditional way of lifting and that is what drew me to Body Beast. I am still going to be training for the half marathon in October along with doing body beast. So what I am going to do on here is continue to post the weekly hybrid schedule of running and P90x and I’m also going to include a Body Beast/Half marathon training schedule as well!


Here is what week 1 of my Body Beast/Half training schedule looks like. I’m also adding in some turbofire short hiit workouts to help lean out more! Later this week I will post the full schedule PDF as well as the full P90x/half PDF. Stay tuned!

Monday: build-chest/tris, run 1.5

Tuesday: Build-legs

Wednesday: build-back/bi’s, TF low Hiit

Thursday: run 3.5

Friday: Build – shoulders

Saturday: build – chest/tri’s, long run 4 miles (race)

Sunday: Rest day or yoga

Stay fit everyone!

~ Abby


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