Day 1 Thrive 7 day detox

Today is day 1 of the Simple Green Smoothies Thrive 7 day detox. I decided to the detox to help get out of my bad habits and cravings that have been ruling me lately. I figured 7 days was doable and would help kick-start my weight loss that I’ve been working on!

Therefore, this morning I took my starting weight and kicked off with the program. I did my starting weight to just see what happens over the 7 days. I am not expecting dramatic weight loss or anything because that is not what this is about or an appropriate expectation.

This morning’s smoothie was super tasty and I won’t mind having it again for lunch at all! It does have quite a bit of kale taste to it but I don’t mind that. I find it pretty refreshing!


Keep following for an update throughout the 7 days and my final thoughts next week!! I can’t wait to share them with you!

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