Do Anywhere Full Body Pyramid

Home Workouts

As someone that doesn’t have a gym membership, I love home workouts. All of my workouts that I post can be done either at home with minimal equipment or at a gym. I decided I needed some more equipment free workouts though. Thus, the reasoning behind this do anywhere full body pyramid workout.


Pyramid Training

Pyramid training utilizes an ascending and descending repetition model. Meaning you do a few exercises for a given number or reps, say 10, and then decrease until you do only 1 rep of each exercise. Or you can work your way up to more reps. Doing this set up as a body-weight workout is a great overall conditioning workout that is great for runners or to break through a plateau.  

The workout that we are doing for beginners is an ascending pyramid starting at 1 and working out way up to 10 repetitions. 


Do Anywhere Full Body Pyramid

This workout requires no equipment and can be done pretty much anywhere. The general idea of a pyramid is go up in the number of reps and then come back down. 

For this workout you will do the following

1 of each exercise, rest 30 seconds

2 of each exercise, rest 30 seconds

Continue this until you do 10 of each exercise. 

If you are a beginner then that’s it! Stop there! If you have been working out for a while and want more of a challenge then do that in reverse. Start at 10 each and work your way down to 1!


Let me tell ya, I did this workout Wednesday and did the “beginner” version along with my scheduled run for the day from my Week 3 training plan and holy moly did it burn!! Just because you aren’t using any equipment doesn’t make this any easier! 

Ready to break through your weight loss plateau and burn some major calories!? Need an equipment free workout? Try my do anywhere full body pyramid workout!


Make sure you warm up before you do this workout with my Warm up Routine to prevent any injuries. Also, finish off or start with some cardio to make this a well rounded workout! 

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