Fat Burning Full Body Superset Workout

 Sick House

Our weather here in Kansas has been crazy this winter so far. We have gone from 10 degrees to 60 degrees and back and forth again a few times already. For example on Wednesday this week the high was 64 degrees, in the middle of January. What in the world. 

I have decided to blame the crazy weather on the Mr.  being sick this week. He has caught some kind of upper respiratory bug and was home sick for 2 days. I just hope that I don’t get it and can stay healthy! 


I love superset workouts! There are so many ways to do them and they really get that burn going for you! This full body superset workout that I did today consisted of complex movement paired with a synergistic isolation type move. Basically you work several muscles in the first exercise of the set and then focus on one muscle in the second exercise to really burn out that muscle. 

Try this short but effective full body superset workout to burn fat and blast calories!

For example

The first superset in this workout is rows with bicep curls. I have focused this set on the biceps. In the rows you are working the back muscles as well as the biceps and then you do standard curls to burn out the biceps even more.  The second superset was focused on the legs and the third on the triceps. 


What is a Superset?

Simply put, a superset is two exercises paired together without rest between them. Then you combine that superset with other supersets or regular sets to complete a full workout. 


Full Body Superset Workout

For this workout you will do 3 sets of 10 for each exercise. I want you to rest for 30 seconds between each set and for 1 minute between supersets.

SO, your workout would look like this:

10 reps of rows followed immediately by 10 reps of bicep curls with no rest between. 

Rest 30 seconds and repeat above 2 more times.

After your 3rd set of 10 bicep curls rest for 1 minute before repeating the same thing as above with the next superset. 

Clear as mud? Good!

Try this Full Body Superset workout for a fat smashing calorie burning workout!

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