Firecracker 5K Race Weekend



To start off the race weekend I headed up to Hutch to scrapbook with my sister. We try to get together about once a month at each other’s houses to do some Project life scrap booking girl time. Since the race was at 7:00 on Saturday I decided to head up there Friday and stay the night since it is a little over an hour drive for me to get there.  Oh yeah check out those pageant girl pictures!


We got up bright and early Saturday morning to head to Carey Park for the run. The weather turned out to be pretty nice considering the amount of heat we have been having. Compared to the runs that we normally do in Wichita this one was fairly small but it was fun knowing a lot of people there from around the community!

Since this was the first race of the year for me I wasn’t going for a PR necessarily, I was more wanting to see where I was on my 5k time at this point. I was pretty excited and surprised when I got not only a PR but also 2nd in my age group!

I started off the race a little fast and really had to work on pacing myself for miles 2 and 3 but it all worked out in my favor! We had a blast at the race and my sister got a PR for her as well!

Hope you all had a great weekend! 

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