First Review – GNC Puredge Daily Energy

When I first decided to start this blog I promised myself that I would do honest reviews of products that I try. I promised myself that I would do both good and bad reviews and not limit the reviews to positive only. Well the time has come and the fist official review that I’m doing is a not so great of one. Yesterday I went to GNC and purchased a tub of their brand’s energy/pre-workout called GNC Puredge Daily Energy.  GNC daily energy

I was really hopeful for GNC Puredge Daily Energy. A look at the ingredients had me hopeful for a pretty pure and all natural product. (Here is a link to the product).  The GNC website gives this description of the drink:


  • Natural Ingredients Clinically Studied to Boot Energy with Green Tea, Black Tea, Guarana & Rhodiola*
  • Functional, Whole-Food Based Blend for Daily Antioxidant Support*
  • Healthy Carbohydrates for a Quick Energizing Pre-Workout Boost*

GNC PUREDGEâ„¢ sets the new standard for quality, nature-based sports nutrition without sacrificing delicious taste or the performance benefits you’d expect from the industry leader by providing powerful natural compounds and clinically studied ingredients. Each product is certified banned substance free, contains no unhealthy artificial additives, and features a powerful Functional Flavor System that utilizes active flavoring ingredients to go beyond delicious taste and deliver additional healthy functional benefits. These innovative products give you a strong and wholesome foundation for personal improvement in any fitness pursuit.*Daily Energy provides you with potent energy from natural herbal teas; the highest quality carbohydrates plus clinically studied beta-alanine, and fruit and vegetable extracts. This convenient formula provides a healthy energy boost to help jumpstart your day or workout.* Whether you’re trying to beat your physical record or looking for a healthy boost to your day, every ingredient is working for you.

  • Natural caffeine sources to support mental alertness, reaction time, endurance and performance*
  • Clinically studied beta-alanine provides a muscle buffer to support fatigue-controlling factors*
  • High-quality carbohydrates from waxy maize and cyclic dextrin supply quick energy for a healthy pre-workout boost*
  • Powerful grape seed, clinically proven to support blood vessels, for a healthy heart*

The GNC Functional Flavor System provides amazing taste plus functions as a system to provide additional health support. Instead of artificial ingredients, this system uses sweet and tart cherries, providing anthocyanins and antioxidants, to provide a great-tasting flavor while protecting healthy cells from damaging free radicals.* Even the delicious natural flavor is working for you!


GREAT! Sounds like a good option. Okay so here are my thoughts…..


great energy

didn’t give me that jittery feeling

I took it at 6 pm and was still ready for bed at 10:30 pm (after the royals kicked some major butt in game 6 GO ROYALS!)

I had a great workout after drinking it. I felt more focused and definitely had the energy to go hard through my workout


there is only one…..and it is a big one for me.

the taste and texture are absolutely horrid.

I could have handled it if the texture was the only thing. It got a little thick when I mixed it with my water but that could be due to some of the ingredients. I could have lived with the texture. The taste, this was the killer for  me. Now I know everyone has different tastes and likes so you may have had this stuff and absolutely loved it. Maybe I need to try the other flavor of this. I got the cherry limeade because hey, who doesn’t love some cherry limeade. Am I right?! Well this girl does not like this cherry limeade. I will go back to using the Beachbody E&E drink for now. This also isn’t my favorite. The taste again is its downfall in my book. But I have been able to tolerate it for a couple of months now. Some people that I have talked to have absolutely loved the E&E taste. I love everything about it but the taste. However it isn’t awful. I just would like to start my morning at 5:00 am with something a little more tasty!


Remember that these views are mine and mine alone. I was in no way paid to review this product and it is my personal opinion only.


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