Fit Plan week of April 20

Fit plan week of April 20! I am on the 8th week of P90x3 starting today so it is a recovery week more or less for that. I have decided this week to add in a lot more stretching on top of the recovery week because being the good little DPT that I am, I noticed I’m getting a little too tight. So I’m going to pull in a couple 10 minute trainer yoga and Insanity relief workouts!

Monday – run 1.62 mile with 10 intervals and P90x3 isometrix
Tuesday – P90x3 Dynamix and 2 mile walk
Wednesday – P90X3 Accelerator and Insanity Asylum Relief
Thursday – P90X3 pilates X and run/walk 1.68 miles with 8 intervals
Friday – P90X3 CVX, 10 minute trainer yoga, and 2 mile walk
Saturday – P90X3 X3 yoga and Run/walk 1.65 mi with 5 intervals
Sunday – P90X3 Dynamix

Well there you have it. My workout plan for the week. No as well all know things don’t go according to plan. I got up this morning and just really wasn’t feeling the Isometrix workout. I don’t know why but I really don’t like it. So I decided that my run and the 10 minute trainer yoga was good enough for me today. After all this is a recovery week and I shouldn’t get burned out on a workout that I don’t enjoy!

As you can see I have workouts from multiple different programs in there. That is why I love beachbody on demand so much! Flexibility!!!

What does your workout week look like!? Leave a comment below and help us keep each other accountable!

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