Week 20: Fit Pregnancy Update

Fit Pregnancy, Pregnancy / Saturday, January 6th, 2018

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Week 20

Today’s Date: 1/7/18 (20 weeks was on 1/4/18)
How many weeks are you: 20
What trimester are you in: Second
How big is the baby: About the size of a Banana

Food Cravings: Nothing significant
Food Aversions: Nothing except certain things due to texture, such as guac and cooked mushrooms
Gender: Boy!

Diet: Staying pretty consistent with 3 meals and 2-3 small snacks. Trying to stay as clean and healthy as I can as well as well rounded. I’m surprisingly struggling the most with getting enough protein in. I’ve been adding my collagen peptides to my morning cup of decaf coffee to help me in that area like I did pre-pregnancy too!
Exercise: I’m finally getting back into the routine of lifting and running. Check out my weekly recaps for more in-depth information on my workouts!
Aches and Pains: My hips are getting sore at night when I lay on either side. I am also having recurrent SI joint issues that I used to struggle with off and on over the last 2-3 years.
Have you felt the baby move: I felt him move for the first time last week when I was getting a massage. Since then I have felt some more little butterfly kicks I think.
Labor signs: None
Sleep/Dreams: I haven’t had many crazy baby dreams yet. I had one early on that was about us having a baby boy which went along with my gut feeling that we were having a boy before we found out on Friday. Sleeping has been decent. Some nights I struggle and some night I’m completely knocked out. I am struggling with sleeping on my side because I like to sleep on my stomach a lot which is out of the cards at this point.
Favorite moment of the week: Finding out gender at our 20 week anatomy sonogram that we had done on Friday!!


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