Full Body Bodyweight Workout

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Can you believe it is already 4th of July weekend?!

I know I can’t. This year seems to be completely flying by for me! I’m not going to be traveling a lot this weekend we are staying around close to home but I do know a lot of people travel for the long weekend. I decided to put together a quick but effective full body workout that is bodyweight only.

It is always hard to get a workout in when on the road and most don’t want to take equipment with them or find a gym while visiting family and friends on a holiday. What better way to get in a workout than with a bodyweight only one?!


Find time to just move!

When time gets busy and a holiday weekend is definitely a busy time, just move. Find whatever time you have to squeeze in  a little movement to keep you motivated and on track when the holiday is over and you get back to your normal routine!


4th of July for my family (well any get together really) is all about the food. Everyone makes a dish and there are so many good choices around (that aren’t so great for you) that it is easy to over indulge. I try to offset that a bit by keeping up with my workouts. Even if it is just a short little one! It still gets the blood pumping and usually helps me to hold of on eating in a little more moderation!

The workout

This workout is a lot of fun. You can do each round once or two – three times depending on your fitness level and the amount of time you have!


Full Body Bodyweight Workout

Have a safe and fun weekend!

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