Heating Up


Well I have officially had to give up my Saturday afternoon runs… 🙁 They have been a staple for me this spring but as the temperatures start to rise here in Kansas they just aren’t a good idea any more. My Saturday routine for the last couple of months has been to go into the hospital at 6 am, work 8 hours and then go for a run around 3:00 for my long run.





I loved this time because the weather was gorgeous and the sunshine was a wonderful change from my early morning runs (plus I was getting a tan!) Last week and this week it has just been too hot. The high yesterday was 95 and I’m pretty sure the humidity was up in the 60% range. To put it nicely my run was less than stellar! I got 3 miles in until I had to slow down to  a walk for the final one. Oh well you win some and you lose some!



For dinner on Saturday John and I grilled up some homemade hamburgers and I made stuffed mushrooms! They turned out so good! We used our Traeger to add a little smoke flavor to the stuffed mushrooms and grilled yellow baby squash. I will post the recipe that I used for the mushrooms soon! The only thing I would change about them was the fact that they needed a little “bite” to them. They were mainly just cream cheese, bacon and some shredded cheese. I think some breadcrumbs or something are in order for them! I plan on playing with the recipe over the next week or so!!



Active rest day!! I love my Sunday afternoons after I work a shift at the hospital. It is yoga day for me. I normally do some yoga throughout the week especially after I run (because I’m tight tight tight and I need to practice what I preach to my patients!). Sunday yoga is different for me though. Other than a walk on the treadmill or outside, yoga is the main workout for the day so I spend a lot of time on it! My yoga routine of choice today?

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with Yoga with Adriene over on youtube but she is amazing! I love all of her videos and they really have been a lifesaver for me for my tight muscles!!

For dinner tonight I am planning on trying out a new recipe! I’ll give it a try and share it soon!


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