I’m Back!! Adjusting to Change.

Uncategorized / Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

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I’m finally back and ready to spend time with you all!! During the last couple of months of my pregnancy I sort of dropped off the face of the interwebs including social media. I don’t want to make excuses but with it being my first pregnancy and having started a new full time job as a physical therapist life just got insane. However, I am back and ready to take the rest of the year by storm.

Changes are coming

Along with the major change that happened in my life back in  April….AKA my handsome little man was born. There are going to be some others to be on the look out for.


  1. I’m planning on changing the overall look of the blog. I’m still trying to decide what look I want to go with so be ready for that.
  2. Possible name change for the site as well. This is still a work in progress and could happen way further in the future than by the end of the year.


Getting used to the changes being a mom throws at me


I used to be an early morning riser and this is when I would get my runs in etc. However, I’m learning that with a little one that I am breastfeeding this might not be possible when I go back to work. As a physical therapist at the particular clinic I practice in I work four 10 hour days. My hours are 7-5:30 with a 30 minute commute one way. That means I’m leaving home in the mornings around 6:30. Add in 30 minutes to my routine to nurse Liam and I would have to get up around 4:00 am to get a run in and still have time to get ready etc. This poses a problem for breastfeeding due to needing to be empty before I go for a run. All you other mama’s out there that have breastfed their babies know what I’m talking about!

Not only am I getting used to running/working out in the evenings. I’m also trying to mentally adjust to the idea of taking that time to spend on myself and not staring at my baby…Typical mom guilt. I plan to dedicate a whole post to this topic later though.!!


So there you have it. Just a little update in the changes going on both on the site and my life! I can’t wait to get back in the groove of things on the blogosphere aspect and instagram! I’ve missed all my virtual friends!



To all my fellow mama’s out there, any tips on running while breastfeeding before the little one is old enough to go in a jogging stroller?



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