Legs and Booty Workout

Today at my clinic I was working with a patient that is in his 30’s and has quite a bit going on unexpectedly. We were working on lower body strength and discussing working out while doing it. He was describing to me how when he used to go to the gym (back in his 20’s) he loved to do upper body but hated doing lower body workouts. As he was telling me this I was thinking back to my days of being a personal trainer at the YMCA and how many people, typically men, I would see that would be so unproportionate. Big in the arms and chest and back with chicken legs!!

Yeah I’m talking about you superman…. 


I don’t get it. I absolutely love leg day. Is this a female thing? I feel like most women don’t want to skip leg days or we are just better at keeping things well rounded? What do y’all think? 


Legs and Booty Workout

Anyhow, even if you don’t like leg day. DON’T SKIP IT!! I am going to make it really easy for you to stay on top of your leg day and get it done with this workout. This legs and booty workout is only 15 minutes long. That’s it. 15 minutes and you are done so do it!!! Don’t look like this guy:

Funny how all of the memes that I found about skipping leg day were of men….Back to my earlier observation and questions. Is it just men? 



A Legs and booty workout! A 15 minute HIIT workout to blast fat and build that booty!!


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