My Weekly Workout Routine | 6.26.17

Weekly workout routine. Includes strength training and running for a full week!

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The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here in Kansas the past few days. On Monday I got to do 5 miles in 60 degrees and very little humidity at 6:00 am. Usually this time of year even at that time in the morning it is already 80 and high humidity! This year has been extremely mild since February and I’m loving it!

Over the weekend we were pretty laid back. We both worked and then on Saturday went to a friend’s for a barbecue!



My Weekly Workout Routine


Monday | run and core

5 miles easy run

3 times through core workout:

  • reverse plank hold – 20 seconds
  • wood chops with DB – 15 per side
  • weighted russian twist – 15 per side

Tuesday | legs

1 mile run for warm up

mobility work at end

My weekly workout routine includes a T-grip Legs and Booty Workout for this week! Using the t-grip barbell, one of my favorite pieces of home equipment to build that butt and tone those legs!



Wednesday | run and arms

5 mile easy run

3 sets of 12 each

  • standing dumbbell hammer curls – superset with-
    • triceps dips
  • narrow band pulldowns
  • dumbbell lateral raise
  • barbell bicep curl -superset with-
    • overhead triceps extension

Thursday | Track speed workout and core

1 mile warm up

4x 800 at 4:30min/800

equal recovery at slow jog (4:30)

1 mile cool down

  • I love this calculator for calculating paces!

Core 3 times through:

  • toe touches
  • scissor kicks
  • up, up, down, down planks

Friday | chest and back

1 mile warm up

3 sets of 12 each

  • dumbbell chest press – superset with-
    • bent-over dumbbell row
  • decline pushups
  • Dumbbell chest fly -superset with –
    • band pulldowns
  • straight arm dumbbell pullovers

Saturday | long run

10 miles

Sunday | rest/mobility work

Mobility Work

**Even though I only specify mobility work on Sunday, I make sure to foam roll every day to try to keep injuries at bay!

Here is my weekly workout routine for this week! Starting to ramp up the strength and running this week!




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