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Here we go home workout party people!!! I’m a dork and I am well aware of this so just go with it. Today I have an awesome no equipment hiit cardio workout for you to get your cardio burn on! I did this one this morning and holy moly did it kick me in the rear!


Tricks up your sleeve

A few weeks ago we had a water flooding issue in our master bath from an improperly installed toilet from when we built our house 2 years… yeah not a huge fan of our builder however not the point. We finally are starting on the repair process and the sheetrock guy started yesterday. All of my workout equipment is currently covered in plastic draping for him to work on our basement ceiling to get it back together and good as new again. Therefore, I needed a good equipment free workout today since today isn’t a running day!


I think it is super important to have several equipment free workouts in your pocket for times like this or when you are traveling or just don’t want to mess with equipment. It is easy to get motivated when you know that all you need is your body to get in an effective workout!


HIIT it…

This cardio workout is based on HIIT or high intensity interval training. This means that during the 45 seconds of work you push as hard as you can and then in the 15 seconds of rest you get your breathing and heart rate back down. Keep moving during the rest but just pace or march in place etc.


The fast squats in this workout is for cardio and a little bit of a recovery exercise. You don’t have to go super deep in these squats but we want quick with good form to keep the hear rate up.


No Equpiment

I have another great equipment free workout here that you can try out too if you are looking for something different! It is more focused on strength vs the cardio. Put them together to get a great cardio and strength workout!

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