P90X week 6

You have made it! You are already to week 6! That means we are at the halfway point of the P90x program. P90x Week 6 and half marathon training program is going great for me and I’m so proud of everyone sticking with it!

Based on the training schedule so far you can see that I am training for a half marathon the first of October. I will be running the Prairie Fire Fall Half Marathon in Wichita, Kansas on October 11. Since I am almost half way done with the P90X program I will need to pick another program to do to after. I have considered doing continuing on with P90X plus as well as with a P90x one on one hybrid. That is what I love so much about Beachbody On Demand, pick and choose from different workouts all at my fingertips!

What are your opinions? What program should I tackle next and who wants to join a challenge group to help keep everyone accountable?!? Comment below or apply for my challenge group and let me know! Having an accountability partner/group helps you stay on track so much more! Remember my challenge groups are free if you are currently being coached by me and utilizing a beachbody program! You can be a new client as well that has signed up to have me as a coach and want that extra push for your new workout program! I am in this for you!

Don’t forget to check out my instagram for more info! Check out my hairdo for today! gym and work ready!

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Okay, back to Week 6 P90x Schedule! It is as follows! Starting to ramp up the mileage more this week!

week 6 p90x half marathon hybrid

Well, above you see my original post for today. For those that know me or have been following me, you know I get bored extremely easily. I absolutely love P90X, however I don’t feel like it is my soulmate workout. I have been wanting to do Body Beast for a long time and I finally bought it the other day. I love lifting weights and I love the traditional way of lifting and that is what drew me to Body Beast. I am still going to be training for the half marathon in October along with doing body beast. So what I am going to do on here is continue to post the weekly hybrid schedule of running and P90x and I’m also going to include a Body Beast/Half marathon training schedule as well!


Here is what week 1 of my Body Beast/Half training schedule looks like. I’m also adding in some turbofire short hiit workouts to help lean out more! Later this week I will post the full schedule PDF as well as the full P90x/half PDF. Stay tuned!

Monday: build-chest/tris, run 1.5

Tuesday: Build-legs

Wednesday: build-back/bi’s, TF low Hiit

Thursday: run 3.5

Friday: Build – shoulders

Saturday: build – chest/tri’s, long run 4 miles (race)

Sunday: Rest day or yoga

Stay fit everyone!

~ Abby


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