P90X week 7 and Body beast week 2

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great, fun and safe 4th of July! We spent the day on Saturday out at the lake with some great friends! We both only incurred mild roseyness from the sun! Since it is Monday that means it is time for your P90x week 7 and Body Beast week 2 with half marathon hybrid schedule.

Wow, that is a mouthful…..

I have a confession to make….no one is perfect. I dropped the ball a little bit this past week on my training. I did all of my Body Beast workouts as scheduled. However, running workouts took the beating. I only ran once this week. On Thursday I was scheduled to run 3 miles in place of beast cardio. Well, life happens and I slept in. My husband had the day off and didn’t get up at our usual time with me which made me lose all motivation that morning. Oh well, life goes on. I also was supposed to run a 4 mile race on Saturday morning, but, I had to work to cover a post-op patient. Of course, after that happened and we spent the day at the lake enjoying the sun and adult beverages, running was not on the top of my list. Again, life goes on, we are all human. That just means this week I need to buckle down and get my running in if I’m going to do the half marathon in October. I need YOU to help keep me accountable!
Back to the plan. Here it is p90x week 7 and body beast week 2 with half marathon training hybrid workout plan! The way I have formatted the schedules both have running on them, pick which one you are doing and as always adjust the mileage for where you are in your training. In the coming weeks I will post a pure half-marathon training plan for you!

P90X week 7:

Monday chest shoulders & triceps 3 m run

Tuesday: plyometrics

Wednesday back and biceps 1.5 mie run

Thursday yoga

Friday legs and back

Saturday 4 mile run

Sunday rest day

Body Beast week 2:

Monday Build: Legs Run: 1.5m

Tuesday Build: Back/Bi’s

Wednesday Beast:cardio/abs -Or- Run: 3m

Thursday Build: Shoulders

Friday Build: Chest/Tris

Saturday Build:Legs &Long run: 4

Sunday Rest Day

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