Prairie Fire Half Marathon Recap 2017

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Prairie Fire Half Marathon Recap 2017 - Abby Siler Fitness Through triumphs, bathroom breaks, and hitting the wall. Find out how my 2nd half marathon went after a spring filled of training for it!

Now that over a week has passed and I’ve had time to reflect and enjoy my time recovering from the race. I am so excited to give you my Prairie Fire Half Marathon Recap 2017 today! As I have said many times during my training this race was a completely different experience from the first time I ran this race.  

Prairie Fire Half Marathon Recap 2017
Getting lined up for the start!


For some reason, 4 years ago I thought running my first half marathon at this particular race would be a good idea. A few reasons that it may not have been my best idea. 

  1. I graduated from physical therapy school the following weekend.
  2. I was also studying for my board exams to become a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy
  3. I was job hunting for when I graduated and the physical therapy job climate in Wichita this year was not good due to national insurance changes. 

Basically, I was stressed out beyond belief. During training I had to complete all of my clinical research and conferences in order to graduate. However, do I regret it? Not in the least!

So a few differences in my experience:


  • stressed from my last semester of school
  • overweight and out of shape when I started training
  • hadn’t been consistently running prior to starting training
  • did most of my training on the treadmill


  • life is great, not perfect but not stressed out like I was before
  • better physical condition prior to starting training
  • consistently running before starting training, had a great base
  • did most of my training outside!

And for a little picture comparison:

 Prairie Fire Half Marathon Recap 2017

Prairie Fire Half Marathon Recap 2017


The weather was gorgeous for the race. It started at 7:30 and it was a nice cool 58 degrees out. The sun was shining and the Kansas wind was nowhere to be found! 

 Prairie Fire Half Marathon Recap 2017

I decided since it was only my 2nd half marathon that I was going to at least start out in a pace group. I have a bad tendency to start out of the gate too fast and wanted to make sure I didn’t do that but also didn’t go too slow either. I started with the 2:15 pace group since that was my goal.
Around miles 5 or 6 at the water break I broke away from the pace group and headed out on my own. I was feeling strong and felt like I could kick it up a little bit soon. I didn’t feel as if  I needed to slow down as much for the fuel station like the group did. 

Prairie Fire Half Marathon Recap 2017
Mile 8 and feeling good!


I really love the course for this race. It is in downtown Wichita along the river. The scenery is great and the course is pretty flat. The total elevation gain/change per my garmin was 54 feet. Compared to my usual running by my house that is around 250 ft change I could definitely feel the difference!


At mile 10 we headed back south toward the start line and at this point the wind had picked up a little bit and of course it was a south wind. Oh well such is life with running in Kansas. I still was feeling good at this point… Then came mile 12.5. Yupe with .6 miles left of the race my legs were done. I was so glad at this point to have built up a little bit of a buffer for my finish time because it was pure determination that kept my legs going for that last bit of the race. 

Prairie Fire Half Marathon Recap 2017
Giving it all I had in the last half mile! The end was in sight!


One first that I had during this race was stopping and using the bathroom. At mile 8 I knew that I couldn’t hold it any longer or for the rest of the race! 


I finished the race with an official time of 2:13:36. Which I was extremely happy with!

Prairie Fire Half Marathon Recap 2017



1 10:12
2 9:55
3 10:15
4 10:11
5 9:54
6 9:48
7 9:52
8 10:23
9 10:05
10 10:11
11 9:54
12 10:19
13 10:25


 Prairie Fire Half Marathon Recap 2017

After the race

My sister, brother in law, niece and nephew came to support me as well as my #1 fan too! I loved having them there and then afterwards we headed to P.F. Chang’s for a late lunch to celebrate my Birthday a week early! My grandparents and Dad also came over for lunch with us all! 

Prairie Fire Half Marathon Recap 2017
My biggest fan and supporter!


I am so excited to start the next round of training today! I have decided to add in speed-work and hill work to help build up my leg strength as well as more consistent strength training. During this past training cycle I struggled with keeping consistent with my strength training and that is one of my goals for this round this summer! 



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