Preventing Holiday Weight Gain

Preventing holiday weight gain can be a daunting task. It might even seem as likely as Santa fitting down all those chimneys. Don’t get me wrong I fully believe the Holidays are a time to celebrate and enjoy good company while indulging, IN MODERATION. 

Average American Weight Gain

Did you know that during the holiday season the average american gains around 1.5 pounds. Now that doesn’t seem like that much but it is an AVERAGE. Some are more and some less. However, even though the actual pounds aren’t as much as most people think there is the component of bloating and water retention that makes our clothes fit much more snug during this season. 


Why do we gain weight?

In my humble opinion, there are two main reasons why the holiday season is a time of weight gain.

  1. minimal exercise – um hello, it is cold outside. Especially here in Kansas where we get arctic vortexes and biting north winds with no moisture in the air. It sucks.
  2. over indulgence – holiday celebrations = not so healthy food (lots of it) and alcohol. 


5 Tips for Preventing Holiday Weight Gain

1 – Workout

whether you are in the mood or not or even if you just have 10 minutes to spare while something bakes go for a quick walk around the block or do one of my 10 minute workouts such as

10 Minute Party Dress Arms Workout

10 Minute Total Body Strength

2 – Eat First

Before heading to a holiday party. Fill up on some low calorie nutritious snacks and/or meal depending on the setting of the party so you will be less likely to fill up on the high calorie stuff. 

3 – 2 bites

One of the best pieces of advice I have heard for parties where there is a lot of food to try and sample came from Daphne Oz. She said to take two bite servings of everything you want to try. The first bite is to get the initial taste and the second bite is to enjoy it (if you like it). This will keep you from over indulging on everything! 

4 – 2 drinks

Stick to just one to two cocktails or glasses of wine. This does not mean to get the biggest glass of wine you can find. These are 2 normal sized drinks. 

5 – Bring something Healthy

If you are in charge of bringing something to contribute to the food line up (or even if you aren’t) Bring something that is healthy. Something that you can fall back on instead of overindulging in the high calorie options that will set your goals back.

Here are some great recipes for Holiday meals!