Budget Produce Tips and a Rainy Run

Budget Produce Tips



Yesterday started off with a 3 mile run for me. It started off as a great morning with weather-bug telling me there was a 0% chance of rain at both 6 and 7 am. PERFECT! However, my luck ran out at about a mile in when it started pouring on me. I kept telling myself that it would stop soon since the sun was peaking through the clouds….no such luck. I was drenched after running 2 more miles in the rain. Oh well, the things we do for a run outside and to stay away from the treadmill!

So here is my workout plan for the week….

  • Monday: 3 mile run, full body Strength
  • Tuesday: interval run on treadmill
  • Wednesday: 3 mile run, full body strength
  • Thursday: yoga day!
  • Friday: pyramid run on the treadmill
  • Saturday: 4 mile run, full body strength
  • Sunday: yoga/active rest day


Budget produce tips

After a full day at work I was ready to get home and relax. I had to make a quick stop by Aldi to get some things for dinner and found that they had blueberries for $.99 a pint! Score!

 I get a lot of questions about how I keep a handle on my budget and not spend a fortune on produce for my smoothies. Well this is how I do it! I buy things in season and freeze it to use throughout the year. Now I don’t have a big deep freeze (something on the list of things to get) so I don’t freeze an entire years worth each summer. Once I have the freezer space you better believe I will be freezing a bunch more though.


Currently on my regular shopping list for in season produce are grapes (costco has great deals on them in bulk) as well as the blueberries from Aldi currently as well. Strawberries are something that I typically splurge on and buy frozen just for convenience as well as peaches because here in Kansas I have a hard time getting good peaches.

 I keep a price list going for all my stables that I buy with different prices for frozen vs fresh and comparisons of different stores so I know I am getting the best deal. Here is what mine currently looks like and prices for some things currently in my area.

 price comp

I also look for mark down produce as well. Such as this great deal I got on organic baby kale the other day….

I immediately brought it home and put it in some smoothie packs in the freezer that were waiting on their greens! This is how I rotate my greens as well.


What are some of everyone’s money saving tips on buying produce!?


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