Spring Half Marathon Training Week 3

The base phase/foundation phase for the half training is starting to really ramp up! I love the feeling of building that foundation and increasing the amount of time. It really brings home the reality of how fast I lost my foundation over the holidays with me slacking off like I did. I’m so grateful I listened to my own advice when designing this plan for myself! Spring Half Marathon Training Week 3 here we go!

Tight Hips

For my yoga routine this week I decided to do a routine focused on opening up the hips. Recently, I’ve noticed my hips have been getting tighter on me which is common as we get older to lose flexibility here. Since running also contributes to tight hips I decided that this week I will really focus on their flexibility. It is only a 15 minute routine so I have added it in on other days too instead of just my usual Sunday!



Spring Half Marathon Training Week 3

Spring Half Marathon Training Week 3 #weightloss #halftraining #halfmarathon #running #carbcycle #totalbodystrength


High Carb Day

30 minute run with 2:1 minute intervals. Running 2 minutes and walking 1 minute.

Fat Burning Full Body Superset Workout

Try this Full Body Superset workout for a fat smashing calorie burning workout! 




Low Carb Day

30 Min bike



High Carb Day

30 minute 2:1 intervals

Total Body Strength 



Low Carb Day

30 minute Bike



High Carb day

30 minute run 2:1 intervals



Cheat day

Long Run 45 min 4:1 intervals

Total Body Strength

10 minute total body workout #weightloss #totalbodystrength #strongnotskinny #weightlifting #homeworkouts


Low Carb Day




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