Spring Half Marathon Training Week 4


Well last week was a bit of a flop. I didn’t get much training in due to being sick. It is so so so important to listen to your body when you are sick and know when to take some days off to recover. For my week I ended up taking Tuesday-Thursday off. Am I going to “make those days up”? No. I am going to move on and keep on schedule with my training plan. 

Over the weekend we went out for sushi at a new place in town called Mizu. It is an all you can eat sushi restaurant and it was really good. The husband isn’t a huge sushi fan but I absolutely love it. He actually really liked this place though so win win!!

Spring Half Marathon Training Week 4

Need a great beginner's half marthon training plan? Follow along on my spring half marathon training week 4 for daily workouts! This 18 week plan will get you ready while preventing injury!



High Carb Day

35 minute run with 3:1 minute intervals. 

Fat Burning Full Body Superset Workout

Try this Full Body Superset workout for a fat smashing calorie burning workout! 




Low Carb Day

30 Min bike

10 minute HIIT cardio



High Carb Day

35 minute 3:1 intervals

Total Body Strength 



Low Carb Day

30 minute Bike

10 minute HIIT cardio



High Carb day

35 minute run 3:1 intervals



Cheat day

Long Run 50 min 4:1 intervals

Total Body Strength

10 minute total body workout #weightloss #totalbodystrength #strongnotskinny #weightlifting #homeworkouts


Low Carb Day




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