Spring Prairie Fire Half 2017 Week 1

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Over the last few weeks I have been working on my spring training for the half marathon and building a base up. Last week though I started my full out training program for the Spring Prairie Fire Half Marathon in Wichita. I hold this race near and dear to my heart because it was the first half marathon I ran AND it was the first spring half marathon this series did. Double firsts! 


This past week I really upped my mileage for the training and did my first long run (over 3ish miles) since I had my bout of plantar fasciitis last fall. 

 Spring Prairie Fire Half 2017 week 1 training. Follow along for how I am progressing with my training for the Spring Prairie Fire Half marathon!

Monday: AM = 3 easy miles PM= full body strength

This week I started doing my two a days a little more seriously. I have found that doing my half training workout at a different time than my strength really benefits me. I am able to give both workouts my all without being too fatigued for either one due to the am vs pm set up.

The run: 

3.09 miles

35:02 minutes

11:20 avg pace

Full body Strength


Tuesday: AM 2 miles PM bike ride

The run:

2.08 miles

23:13 time

11:09 avg pace


Wednesday: AM Cycle PM Full Body Strength

I absolutely love our new (to us) recumbent bike that we got a few weeks ago. 

I did a quick 30 minute ride in the morning.

For my PM workout I did another full body strength.

10 minute total body workout #weightloss #totalbodystrength #strongnotskinny #weightlifting #homeworkouts

Thursday: 3 miles with speed intervals

I didn’t write down what exactly I did on this run for my intervals (it was a long day) but I did about a mile warm up at half marathon pace and then did some 3-4 intervals at around 5k pace. 

distance 3.03 miles

time 33:01

avg pace 10:53

For the afternoon/PM workout I rode my bike to work since the weather was so beautiful!


Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Long run and Sushi!

Like I said earlier this was my first long run in months and it was a short one. I felt pretty good on it. I had some technical difficulties with my bluetooth headphones but overall it was a great run and gorgeous out! I did pay for my run a little the next day since I forgot to take some alieve that night to help fight any inflammation. 

Distance 4.51 miles

Time 57:41

Avg pace 12:48


Of course if you follow me on instagram you know that we finished off our Saturday at the all you can eat sushi place in Wichita that I love! 


Sunday: Yoga

I did a nice relaxing restorative yoga on Sunday to get my body ready for this week! Check out Yoga By Candace for some great videos!! 





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