Spring Prairie Fire Half 2017 Week 5

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I am loving the miles I have been putting in recently!! I missed a couple of weeks recaps and I’m sorry for that but it has been crazy busy in my world!  I just finished up week 5 of my spring prairie fire half 2017 training. This training has been completely different feeling for me from the last/first one that I did 4 years ago. The mentality that I have is much better because I know I can run those distances because I have before. It is still a struggle don’t get me wrong but it feels a lot different than the first go around!

Spring Prairie Fire half training week 5 is in the books!

Monday: 4 miles


Time 44:04

Avg Pace 10:50


Splits: 11:18, 11:02, 10:51, 10:33



Tuesday: Full Body HIIT Workout

This workout is coming soon as a guest post on another blog but be sure to check out! I will post more info on it soon but until then try out one of my other full body workouts!



Wednesday: 2 miles

I had planned on doing 4 miles today and 2 miles tomorrow. Well I kinda dilly dallied around this morning and only ended up having time for 2 miles…..oops

dist: 2 

time: 22:13

avg pace: 11:04


Thursday: Full Body HIIT

Check out my instagram @abby.siler.fit for the killer workout I did today!


Friday: Rest day!


Saturday: 7 Miles

Okay so apparently my killer workout was in fact killer. I was still super sore from that workout for this run. All around this run did not go too great. My right hip flexor kept tightening up on me. I got a little lost. Around mile 4 I developed a nice big blister on the bottom of my left foot. Luckily it didn’t pop or rub just felt weird squishing around down there. Then, around mile 5 my stomach started growling. Oh and who forgot to bring nutrition with her on her run? THIS GIRL!! I honestly didn’t think I would need it….lesson learned. 

Dist: 7 miles

Time: 1:25:33

Avg Pace 12:12


Sunday: 2 mile recovery run

Distance: 2.08 miles

Time 21:06

avg pace: 10:32/mile





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