Spring Prairie Fire Half 2017 Week 6

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This week felt great for all of my runs. It was a good relief after the rough long run I had last week. I was thinking back to when I trained for my first half, which was actually the spring prairie fire half in 2013, and how far along I have come as a runner since then. I’m not necessarily faster but I’m definitely stronger as a runner. I remember during that training the first time I ever ran 6 miles. It was a cold wet March Saturday and I did it with a group of friends. I remember how accomplished and proud of myself I felt for running that far. I had my 2nd 6 mile run on Saturday for this particular training plan and I felt amazing during it. What a difference a few years makes of consistently running! 

 Spring Prairie Fire half 2017 week 6 training is in the books! Follow along for workouts and training tips as I prepare for my next half marathon!

Monday: 4 miles

Distance 4.01

Time 45:29

Avg Pace 11:20




Tuesday: Full Body HIIT Workout

Full Body strength, follow along on my instagram to see these great short workouts! As well as a 15 minute bike ride this morning!

 #wod Full body HIIT workout to burn fat and lose weight!


Wednesday: 4 miles

This week on Wednesday I was still feeling strong and staying on track with my training. 

dist: 4 miles 

time: 44:01

avg pace: 10:56

Negative splits today for my run.

Splits:  11:42 11:16  10:28  10:14


Thursday: Full Body HIIT and 2 miles

Another HIIT #WOD for on my Instagram for today!

Dist 2 miles

Time 23:08

Avg Pace 11:16

This was a recovery run to get ready for my rest day tomorrow and long run on Saturday!

Friday: Rest day!


Saturday: 6 Miles

This run felt so great! I did it on the treadmill due to crappy weather but it was definitely the run I needed to get over my crappy run from last Saturday! 

Dist: 6 miles

Time: 1:07:23

Avg Pace 11:13


Sunday: Rest day

I ended up not doing my customary post long run run on Sunday due to having to go to Hutch for my nephew’s 4th b-day party!

What was your best run of the week?


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