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Who is excited about 21 day fix extreme! I know I am! It is coming soon and you have a chance to win it for FREE! What do you have to do to win it for free you ask? Just sign up by following THIS link. That’s it. You will get a notification when the program is ready for purchase and be entered into win a copy of your very own! How easy is that? So what is 21 day fix extreme you ask? Well it is the all new program from trainer Autumn Calabrese.


What is 21 Day Fix EXTREME?
• A 21-day program that features simple portion control, clean eating, and extreme 30-minute workouts.
• The portion-control containers take all the guesswork out of how much you should eat.
• The Eating Plan will tell you exactly what to eat and when—and how to eat cleaner than ever.
• This is how you get seriously shredded in 21 days.

What are the unique benefits?
• No other program has you eating this well and working this hard. It’s going to take guts, intensity, and drive. But it’s only 21 days.
• The 30-minute workouts are extreme. They combine steady-state aerobics, resistance training, and explosive power moves that target every muscle in the body—to help you get shredded in a short amount of time.
• Seven workouts; one for every day of the week so your mind never gets bored and your body never adapts.
• For your nutrition, you’ll not only be practicing portion control—you’ll be eating ONLY clean foods. No treats. No cheats. No excuses.
• Autumn has included her own competition nutrition plan, which she uses to get stage-ready and ripped in 21 days

Who is the target audience?
Women and men who:
• Are impatient to get serious results.
• Don’t want to make longtime commitments or have tried and failed at longer, more complicated diet plans.
• Are serious with a “No BS” attitude toward workouts and nutrition.
• Have a dramatic short-term weight-loss deadline, or need a final push to achieve the hardbody they’ve always wanted.
• Don’t have much weight to lose, but want to get shredded and have defined abs.

• Don’t want to count calories, weigh their food, or follow complicated recipes.
• 21 Day Fix graduates who want to take their workouts to the next level, and get seriously shredded.
• Graduates from other programs who want to get in the best shape of their lives and stay that way.

PLUS if you order through me HERE, you  will also get a FREE bonus workout—The Fix Challenge
(a $19.95 value).

If you are interested in joining my next challenge group to help you with your journey through the 21 day fix extreme then fill out the form below! For more information on what a challenge group is click HERE!

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Start the week right

I believe that a workout on Monday is the most important workout of the week. I’m not saying that I always enjoy my Monday morning workout because let’s face it, when that 5:00 am alarm goes off it means the weekend is officially over and I need to get my butt out of bed and start this week. I don’t always accomplish getting my Monday workout in. In fact, I fail to workout on Monday more than I succeed probably but hey, I’m human. I am not perfect. I may be a health and fitness coach but I struggle to get my workout in too. I come up with excuse after excuse to not do it but in the end the only way to see change is consistency.


Today marked the official 2nd day of my  first round of the 21 day fix. Yesterday didn’t go as well as planned, again I’m human and I gave in to going to Jimmy John’s with the husband and having my sandwich with bread and a bag of Jalapeno chips. What I “should” have done was have it as an unwich and then just stolen a few of the hubby’s chips. Eh, oh well. Time to forget about it and move on! Starting today I’m going to post pictures of what I eat for the next 20 days or so. Since I’m getting started later than originally planned on this (oops). I am not going to do the full 21 days per se the first round since obviously the best holiday is in less than 21 days! Is anyone else as excited for Halloween as I am?!? But I do plan on doing 2’ish rounds of the 21 day fix before November 22 when my family leaves for MEXICO! Hello beaches and swimsuit season all over again. Hope you all have a wonderful day! I will update this post this evening with my awesome food pictures :). At the end of each week I also plan on posting the week’s meal plan for anyone that wants help with what to eat on the 21 day fix! Happy Monday and don’t forget your most important workout!download


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