Squats, the right way

Squats, the right way.

If you look at any fitness program, beachbody or another, they will have some form or multiple variations of squats in them. Bodyweight, goblet, barbarian, sumo…the list goes on and on. But the foundation behind them all is the same. You need good squat form and to do them the right way to prevent injury.

Let’s back up a little though. Why is it that every single exercise program includes a squat you ask. Great question!

Squat form, squat, glutes, workout, fitness

Squats are a compound exercise powerhouse!

Squats are a compound movement — this means that they work multiple joints and multiple muscles at the same time. In fact, squats work your core, back, legs, and hips just to name the major groups. If you add a weight you get your arms in there too. Now that is a powerhouse awesome working exercise.

Okay now, how do you do one?

squat form, exercises, proper squats

1. Stand with feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart, hips over knees, and knees over ankles.

2. Roll the shoulders back and down away from the ears. Keep the spine in neutral to prevent back problems! Don’t arch your back or round you back. Just don’t do it, it is bad. Very very bad.

3. Extend arms out straight so they are parallel with the ground, palms facing down.

4. Start by sending your hips back like you are going to sit in a chair.

5. With your butt sticking out, make sure your chest and shoulders stay upright. Remember to keep your head facing forward with eyes straight ahead for a neutral spine.

6. The best squats are the deepest ones your mobility allows. Ideally you want to have your thighs at the very least parallel to the ground, again if you have enough flexibility. I don’t.

7. Keep your weight in your heels always. You should be able to lift your toes up off the ground. Then push back up into start position with your core engaged.

Proper squat form, squat the right way, learn to squat, squats, glutes

Proper squat form, squat the right way, learn to squat, squats, glutes

There you have it! How to do a standard body weight squat. Once you have mastered this the options are almost limitless! Stay tuned for squat variations on another day!


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